Aerospace Manufacturer Plans Enfield Site Investment

Pratt & Whitney Canada is planning a $67-million investment at its facility in Enfield to build new centres of excellence for intelligent manufacturing.

Pratt & Whitney Canada established its Enfield facility in 1985 and this investment demonstrates the company's commitment to continued growth in Nova Scotia.

"Today's announcement represents an opportunity for us to develop the next generation manufacturing platform, using the most advanced technologies, right here in Nova Scotia," said Benoit Beaudoin, vice-president, operations, Pratt & Whitney Canada.

The project includes creating centres of excellence that will enhance and expand the technologies and manufacturing processes for the company's integrally bladed fans used in the new PurePower PW800 engine family. The turbine engine blades manufacturing line will also be modernized.

The company's investment will span the next six years. It can earn up to 20 per cent of its investment back from the province during that time. The provincial capital rebate is an earned incentive, paid after the company invests.

"Pratt & Whitney Canada is an industry leader and a significant employer in the region," said Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Michel Samson. "Through this capital rebate, we are supporting its multi-million dollar investment, a great example of the private sector leading economic growth in our province."

The plant employs about 350 full-time staff and puts about $25 million per year in payroll into Nova Scotia's economy. Based on current employment levels, the province collects an estimated $4 million per year in employment-related taxes from the company.

Founded in 1928 and based in Longueuil, Que., Pratt & Whitney Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

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Police and volunteers deliver the 'Hawkeye' message, Eastern Passage, N.S.

Halifax District RCMP, RCMP Citizens on Patrol and local RCMP Auxiliary Constables will be conducting high-visibility foot patrols in shopping areas in Eastern Passage and Forest Hills.

On Saturday, December 20th, as part of the RCMP Holiday Crime Prevention strategy 'Operation Hawkeye', RCMP and volunteers will be patrolling the streets and small businesses in Eastern Passage.

Lockheed Martin Canada Focuses on High-value, Innovative Export Product

Lockheed Martin Canada's Halifax facility is positioning itself for growth by developing and maintaining its capacity to export through its Nova Scotia operations.

"We've built an extremely talented and advanced workforce here in Nova Scotia through our work on the Canadian Naval command and control systems for Halifax-class frigates," said Glenn Copeland of Lockheed Martin Canada. "We now have a group of leaders within the technology sector and we are going to use their engineering capacity for the huge opportunity ahead in working with many of the western world's similar-sized navies."

In May, Lockheed Martin Canada signed its first export contract with the New Zealand government for its Combat Management System, a system developed for the Royal Canadian Navy's Halifax-class frigates.

"The New Zealand award represents a breakthrough for Canada in a highly competitive environment. We recognize that we have a successful product that is in the final stages of acceptance into Canada's operational fleet," said Mr. Copeland.

"Modernization of existing fleets is proving more financially feasible to countries rather than having to procure new ships outright. We have a product tailored for that market and we believe there is great potential."

The four-year contract to update the Royal New Zealand Navy's two ANZAC class frigates is worth $180 million and will be completed by Lockheed Martin Canada's three facilities in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec. All of the software and engineering work will be done in Nova Scotia.

With 40 per cent of Lockheed Martin Canada's workforce in Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI) has been working with Lockheed Martin Canada to encourage work related to ANZAC and other high-value opportunities to be retained here in the province.

NSBI has signed a seven-year incentive agreement with Lockheed Martin Canada. The agreement requires the company to maintain a minimum of 200 jobs over the next seven years and encourages them to create up to 70 positions.

Lockheed Martin Canada would add a minimum of $110 million in salaries to Nova Scotia's economy by maintaining the 200 positions over the seven years of the payroll rebate. Employees would pay provincial income taxes of about $14.7 million, earning the company up to $6.5 million in payroll rebates through NSBI's Strategic Investment Funds.

"Lockheed Martin Canada is an anchor company in the province's defence, security and aerospace sector," said Harvey Doane, NSBI director of defence, security and aerospace. "The company's local workforce has an average age of 38, with 68 per cent being under the age of 29 and we want these high-value jobs to stay here along with the export opportunities. This incentive is helping to facilitate this."

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Funding Supports Design Study for Pedestrian Overpass

Government is supporting a design study that will better connect Truro-area residents to services with a pedestrian overpass.

The overpass will be part of a paved, 1.2-kilometre multi-use trail that will extend over Highway 102, near Exit 13. The overpass will be designed for pedestrians to safely travel over the highway.

East Hants MLA Margaret Miller, on behalf of Energy Minister Andrew Younger, announced today, Dec. 19, government is providing $37,500 to the Municipality of the County of Colchester to commission the study.

"Determining how best to build a safe, accessible pedestrian overpass that will better connect residents to community services shows the municipality's commitment to sustainable transportation," said Ms. Miller. "We're pleased to contribute half of the design study cost."

The overpass and multi-use trail will help people travel on foot or by bike from Truro Heights and Millbrook First Nation to the Rath Eastlink Community Centre, the Colchester East Hants Health Centre, a nearby commercial district and downtown Truro. The trail and overpass will connect the Truro Heights Road to the Abenaki Road.

"We have two great new facilities in the community, our Rath Eastlink Community Centre, and our new hospital," said Bill Masters, deputy mayor. "The new multi-use trail, including the pedestrian overpass, will provide residents with a safe and easy way to enjoy the health benefits of these two facilities."

The study will be completed in March. Construction on the overpass and the multi-use trail is expected to start later in the year.

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Government Offers Support for Nova Scotia's Craft Distilleries

Nova Scotia's craft distilleries have a new plan that recognizes their distinct nature and will support growth and development of the industry in the province.

Finance and Treasury Board Minister Diana Whalen outlined the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation's new plan today, Dec. 19, at the Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg.

"We want to encourage investment in the local spirits manufacturing sector and help partner distillers and local farmers," said Ms. Whalen. "Growth of the local spirits industry contributes to job creation and economic activity across the province. We want to see this sector flourish in Nova Scotia."

Craft distilleries make spirits in small batches, with attention to detail.

The new craft-distillery policy also acknowledges the transition from craft to commercial distilleries and encourages partnerships between distillers and farmers. Distillers get a 10 per cent mark-up reduction if they use agricultural products grown exclusively in Nova Scotia.

"The growth and sustainability of local business is an important priority for the NSLC," said Heather MacDougall, director, policy and public affairs, NSLC. "The corporation is proud of its productive relationship with Nova Scotia's craft distilleries."

Pierre Guevremont, founder and owner of Ironworks Distillery, said the policy will help create a robust group of small distilleries that will increase rural employment and broaden the tax base.

"These new small businesses will be excellent tourist attractions and will increase revenue for such local suppliers as Nova Scotia's farmers," said Mr. Guevremont. "In addition, this ensures that Nova Scotians have the choice of more spirits made locally available on the shelves of the NSLC."

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Awards Support Tidal Industry Development

Government is granting four awards that will help tidal energy developers deploy the first turbine arrays in the Bay of Fundy.

In October, developers at the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE) applied to the Department of Energy to receive a developmental feed-in tariff, an established price per kilowatt hour.

The Utility and Review Board set the tariff in 2013, and it is managed by the Energy Department. It is designed to help developers test devices, with the goal of becoming competitive sources of renewable energy, and helping the industry grow and develop in Nova Scotia. The tariff has attracted international investment.

"Tremendous opportunities in the tidal energy sector are opening up in Nova Scotia and we're contributing to that momentum," said Energy Minister Andrew Younger. "We're committed to ensuring the industry moves forward in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way."

Four developers have received approval through the program for a total of 17.5 megawatts of electricity:

-- Minas Energy, 4 megawatts (MW)
-- Black Rock Tidal Power, 5 MW
-- Atlantis Operations Canada, 4.5 MW
-- Cape Sharp Tidal Venture, 4 MW

The approval allows the developers to enter into a 15-year power purchase agreement with Nova Scotia Power. The first turbines are expected to operate in the Bay of Fundy in 2015.

Nova Scotia's tidal energy sector has reached significant milestones this year. Government signed a memorandum of understanding with InnovateUK in the United Kingdom for collaborative research, FORCE deployed four sub-sea power cables in the Bay of Fundy in the fall, and Halifax hosted the International Conference on Ocean Energy in November.

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