Parmesan Crisps

Parmesan Crisps with ThymeEntertaining can seem like a daunting task whether it’s your first time or 100th!  The key to any successful party is in the planning.  When I plan a dinner party its roots are usually based on a country we have been to and have enjoyed the food.


Tax Incentives, Private Sector to Drive Economic Growth

New legislation, introduced today, Oct. 22, positions the private sector to lead and drive economic growth, and increases accountability for results.

A tax incentive and rebate program for businesses will encourage more capital investment that supports economic growth, increases exports and creates jobs.

The Act to Improve Economic Development in Nova Scotia also defines new roles and responsibilities, and increases accountability, for the province's economic development agencies. The Film Industry and Digital Media Tax Credits are also being extended until 2020, meeting a government commitment.

Economic and Rural Development and Tourism Minister Michel Samson said a new Capital Investment Tax Credit will give businesses which invest more than $15 million a 15 per cent tax incentive. The credit will be available Jan. 1.

"This tax credit will make Nova Scotia more attractive for manufacturers and processors to invest," Mr. Samson said. "This could attract new business to Nova Scotia and will help existing businesses grow, export more, and create more jobs."

The independent Invest Nova Scotia Board will review applications to ensure projects advance provincial economic development priorities. The tax credit is being aligned with the federal Atlantic Investment Tax Credit, valued at 10 per cent, a program already known to business that has clear criteria.

Amendments Give Halifax More Cost Recovery Flexibility

Amendments to the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter, introduced today, Oct. 22, will allow the city to create a bylaw to recover costs of infrastructure needed after new development.

"With new development comes demand for fire services, libraries and recreation facilities like arenas, parks and trails," said Halifax Mayor Mike Savage. "This amendment allows HRM to consider when and how capital cost charges will be levied such that those who benefit most from growth can contribute to the cost of municipal services needed to support that growth."

Halifax has authority to recover costs from developers to build and maintain roads and sidewalks, solid-waste management systems, wastewater collection and treatment facilities, and electrical distribution systems. The amendment will expand that list.

"It's a matter of fairness," said Municipal Affairs Minister Mark Furey. "It means that current property owners are not paying the growth-related capital costs associated with new development. The amendment will ensure that is no longer the case."

Source: Release

Commission Posts Payment Status Report Online

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission will now publish a sanction payment status report online.

The report lists the names of people and companies the commission has ordered to pay monetary penalties related to enforcement proceedings.

"The report is another investor protection resource that we've added to our website," said Sarah Bradley, CEO and chair for the commission. "It's meant to provide transparency for Nova Scotia's capital markets participants."

The report displays the original amount owing by the respondent and whether the penalty is paid, partially paid or unpaid, plus a link to the related order. The list will be updated quarterly.

The report is posted at .

The Nova Scotia Securities Commission is the provincial government agency that regulates securities trading in the province. October is Investor Education month and Nova Scotians are encouraged to review the resources available at .

Source: Release

Updated artist rendering for “The Keep”

Last week a new artist rendering for the “The Keep” was released through their new website. The Keep is an approved 8 storey mixed-use for the corner of Quinpool/Vernon. Construction is expected to being sometime this winter once all the retail tenants relocate and occupancy is expected in early 2017. This is the 3rd and most detailed rendering we have seen for this development.

the keep on quinpool



Nova Centre Update

Work on the Nova Centre is moving along quickly. Large tub girders are being installed from the Sackville Street side of the development by the large black crawler crane and will support the Grafton Street level of the building when it is completed.


A Dad’s Life: 5 Years In


I am not sure where the time has gone this Fall but I feel like I have barely had time to sit down and think. I now have a five year old child who is in school! The past five years have been a whirlwind of changes, adjustments and lessons learned.

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