RCMP remind motorists of the dangers of hydroplaning

RCMP remind motorists of the dangers of hydroplaning RCMP Metro Traffic Services would like to share some tips to help prevent collisions caused by hydroplaning.

With an increase of rain in the forecast, hydroplaning will be more prevalent on our roadways. Hydroplaning occurs when a tire encounters more water than it can disperse. Water pressure in front of the wheel pushes water under the tire which separates the tire from the road surface.

The separation is caused by a film of water which results in a loss of traction. This may cause a loss of steering, braking and power control.

If you find yourself hydroplaning remain calm. Do not brake or turn your wheel suddenly as this may cause your vehicle to skid. Simply don’t steer in any direction and slowly ease your foot off the gas. You should be able to gain control of the vehicle and exit the roadway if required.

Tips to avoid hydroplaning:

- Keep your tires properly inflated;
- Rotate and replace tires when needed;
- Slow down when roads are wet;
- Try to avoid puddles or standing water on the roads;
- Try to drive in the tire tracks left in the water on the road from the vehicle in front of you;
- Do not use cruise control;
- Avoid hard braking;
- Avoid sharp and quick turns.

Regardless of the weather conditions, we encourage everyone to drive in a safe, responsible manner and uphold of rules of the road. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/rcmp-remind-motorists-of-the-dangers-of-hydroplaning

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