Theft from Motor Vehicles

Theft from Motor Vehicles HRM Partners in Policing are investigating several incidents of theft from the past week.

There have been several reported incidents of Theft from Motor Vehicles in parts of Hubley (Five Island Road, Silver Birch Drive), Lower Sackville (Honeysuckle Road, Pepperbush Court), and parts of Bedford over the past week.

There have also been incidents of kayaks being stolen from the St. Margaret’s Bay area. RCMP are reminding people across HRM to lock their vehicles and to leave nothing of value inside for the taking. If you have a boat, kayak, ATV, bicycle, or anything else that’s portable, you are advised to lock that up as well.

Police would also like to remind people to report these type of incidents as quickly as possible. The information allows police to identify trends and patterns, and develop an appropriate response. The non-emergency crime number in HRM is (902) 490-5020.


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