“Skating for my Sanity”

“Skating for my Sanity”

Mel Latter is the organizer of “Skating for my Sanity.” The event takes place this coming Saturday at the Halifax Commons.

A note from the organizer of “Skating for my Sanity,” Mel Hatter:

Why I’m raising money for CMHA, National AND the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia:

From personal experiences with mental health issues, I have come to realize that not enough is being done about mental health in general. I want to raise awareness and funds to support CMHA and MHFNS in any way I can.

I thought of the name “Skating for my Sanity” when I was recently in the hospital for mental health reasons myself. I got re-interested in skatboarding and wondered if I could do anything useful with it to help people who were in a situation like I was.

The original plan was to skateboard from Halifax to Moncton, to raise funds and awareness for CMHA, and mental health in general. However, upon contacting the Department of Motor Vehicles, and discussing the laws, there is no way legally to do this. The Act states that no roller blades or skateboards are allowed on any roadway…which differs from my previous knowledge. Therefore, in August 2012 the plans have changed to say the least.

We have decided to hold a Skate Day at the Halifax Commons Skatepark on Saturday, August 18th (Rain date: August 19) to raise funds and awareness for mental health in Canada. Come out for games, prizes, and more! From 11a.m.-3p.m.

Since we have reached our goal in March for raising $5000 for CMHA, all funds raised will be going to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. This will directly benifit the exact facility where I recieved my care last year! (Abbey J. Lane).

Bring your skateboard, longboard, bike, rollerblades, and friends!

For more information visit www.facebook.com.

Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/skating-for-my-sanity

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