Update from Councillor Tim Outhit

Update from Councillor Tim Outhit

Bedford Councillor Tim Outhit

Bedford and area residents,

A quick update:

Community Centre construction is on schedule. Painting of the fences and bridge railings along the Bedford Hwy and Dartmouth Rd is complete.

The pedestrian bridge infrastructure, at Moirs Mill bridge, is complete and the bridge will arrive within a couple of weeks.

Lots of nice feedback on the flowers and banners, so they will be expanded next summer. Stonewall repairs will continue this fall.

The paving and sidewalk project for Douglas Dr is underway, and the HPR and Bedford Hwy (at Larry Uteck) projects are scheduled for this paving season.

Source: http://www.bedfordbeacon.com/update-from-councillor-tim-outhit

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