Budget friendly activities for summer vacation

Summer vacation is just around the corner. Parents everywhere are looking forward to quality time with their kids – and wondering how the heck to keep them busy without breaking the bank. Keeping costs down while keeping children entertained is a struggle, so we have put together a list of budget friendly summer activities for you & your family: Go backyard camping. Some of the most fun I had as a kid was sleeping in the camper beside the house, or tenting in my cousins’ back yard. We didn’t have to go far away, it was just fun to not be sleeping in our own beds. Organize your own sports. You don’t necessarily have to fork over registration fees to get your kids into soccer or baseball, especially when they are young. Visit the local park, or invite neighbourhood kids for a backyard game of soccer, baseball, ball hockey, soccer-baseball, or whatever their favourite sport may be. Mix it up day to day.   Try a U-pick at a local farm. Provided you don’t overdo it and try to bring home a winter’s supply of produce, a U-pick is a fun activity with the bonus of fresh local food to bring home. If the kids like it, they may be able to make a few extra dollars this way: my first ever summer job was picking strawberries at my aunt’s farm. I was 10 years old and if I remember correctly I made 25 cents a basket – but I imagine that has increased since. Try a ‘house-swap’. An out of town vacation becomes much more affordable if you don’t have to pay for a hotel, and can stay somewhere with a full kitchen and thus reduce restaurant bills. Talk to friends or family in other provinces (or countries) about swapping houses for a week or two. They can visit your town while you visit theirs, and everyone saves money. Remember that fun family time does not have to cost a fortune. Be creative, try new things, and enjoy your time together. Tagged as: children, parents, tips Share & Bookmark This Story! Bookmark on Delicious StumbleUpon Google BookmarksTip'd

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