5 money saving tips for back-to-school shopping

Back to school mania has begun – are you prepared? Is your wallet? To start you off right, here are 5 money-saving ideas to keep you within your back to school budget! 1. Create a list. Ideally, your child’s school provided you with one, or you can find one on their website. 2. Reduce your list. Check what you have left from last year’s supplies, and cross it off your list. If you already have three glue sticks and two packages of note paper, don’t waste your money or time searching them out. 3. Stick to your list! Don’t be fooled by supplies that look cute or because you think your child might need them. Be practical. Your grade one child does not need a geometry set. Your grade nine child does not (likely) need markers. 4. Go alone. Consider leaving your children at home when shopping for supplies. They will want to buy all the trendy pieces, none of the practical, and you will never stick to your list. Maybe plan two trips – one where you buy the bulk of the items, alone, and another with your children to pick out backpacks, lunch bags and a new outfit. 5. Shop smart. Spend good money on markers, schoolbags or other items you need to last all year (or longer). Scribblers, note pads, rulers and etc can be bought cheaper, even at a dollar store. Do you have tested and true back-to-school shopping tips? Please share below for other parents – and good luck! Tagged as: budget, children, education, parents Share & Bookmark This Story! Bookmark on Delicious StumbleUpon Google BookmarksTip'd

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