Wordless Wednesday: Ready for Ramadan

Ramadan starts on Friday, so Muslim households around the world will be busy preparing for this month of fasting , prayer, and concentration on faith.

Wordless Wednesday: Ready for Ramadan

Prayer is a the heart of a Muslim’s life.

Set up the place we will use most, prayer goes along with fasting this month as we concentrate on matters of faith. Besides prayer and fasting it is a time of doing good deeds and sharing with those who have less then you.

Wordless Wednesday: Ready for Ramadan

Decorating for Ramadan


We decorated as well for Ramadan. We used several candle lanterns. Colorful lanterns can be found in many home during Ramadan. Then hanging of lights and using the crescent moon and stars is also common in decor.

For us these frugal decorations came from the thrift store, recycled Christmas Decorations, and the garden section at Dollarama. Simple but by getting the house ready and getting in dates and milk we are ready for this very special month.


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