Helping Canadians find Deals and Discounts Helping Canadians find Deals and Discounts I love the finding of a great deal, or a discount so when I got asked by to review their site, I thought what a perfect way to get the word out about a site that truly does help Canadians find discounts and deals.

I have always been one who loves coupons and saving money. I have written about this on my blog month after month. Who doesn’t like to save a few dollars?

These days we have often gone from clipping newspaper inserts, and shopping in store, to comparing and looking for the best discounts and deals online. I loved that there were over 20,000 current deals on the site, in a very easy to navigate style, from what is hot, to what is expiring, and you can even search by category.

Recently I was looking for a free shipping code as I was buying online and the first thing I did was look for a free shipping code. When you are shopping online do you stop to take a look online for a free shipping code? Really often you can find one.

Two things I often buy online are Christmas gifts and books. For me these 2 things are no brainers to buy online. Last year I found great codes when going shopping.

In fact I would take the time to shop for anything online, often you can find a great deal.

Know someone having a baby, why not take a look at Amazon, they even have a great discount right now on baby items.

You can even find the big items like outdoor play equipment at Sears.

Now tell we when you have shopped online have you looked for codes? discounts? coupons?

What do you buy online? Let me know.


*this was a paid sponsored post, but remember my thoughts and opinions are always my own.


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