Looking to Save on Insurance: Try Insurance Hunter

Have you always gone with the same old insurance company? Are you looking to save some money when you are looking for insurance? Sometimes instead of shopping from agency to agency you can get the best buy by using an independent insurance broker like Insurance Hunter. You can find quotes for home, travel and auto insurance.

Currently you can get 3 quotes for answering about 3 minutes worth of questions. After you are done answering some basic questions your quote pops up, or one of their agents is right there ready to help give you your options. You can even buy the insurance right there too, or bundle it with another type of insurance.

I got a quote for my tenant insurance. There were some simple questions. Other than basic information on me, they needed information such as how old my house is, how far away it is from a fire hydrant and a fire station, the replacement cost of the contents for tenant insurance. When I finished I was referred to one of their agents.

If you can’t get your quote online, there is always an insurance broker there to help you. An insurance company would be trying to sell themselves,while, your broker will help you to find the best price.

Once you fill out the questionnaire finished either you get your quote or get told to call into a broker for further help.

Interested in getting a quote for house insurance or another type? Visit Insurance Hunter, take the questionnaire and get started today.

*this not a sponsored post, just sharing a way to save more.

Source: http://commoncentsmom.com/2012/07/looking-to-save-on-insurance-try-insurance-hunter/

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