Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas

Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas

The Evolution of My Halloween Costume © by Stacie Stacie Stacie


With both the SheConnected Conference and Blissdom Canada around the corner many a woman are searching for the perfect costume.

Last year I wrote this post about frugal costumes.

First with there being an 80′s themed party Friday Night, how to make the perfect outfit?

Think neon, think leg warmers, think oversized sweatshirt ( which you can get cheap at Value Village-then cut), think badly permed hair, lots of curls, and don’t forget the leggings. Right now much of what you might want to use can be found at the dollar store or local thrift store. Ardene’s is also a great source with a great supply of everything neon.

Now what about the costumes and Karaoke at Blissdom Canada? Having been the past 2 years, people are very creative but there are many ways you can do this frugally.

I posted a number of frugal ideas before, check those out, and adding to those 10 here are a few more.

I love the bandit pictured above, think simple and easy to dance in!Black pants, turtleneck, black stocking cap and a black bag..pretty easy right

How about as a spa girl? Ideas for this one: green face paint to stimulate a mask, robe, slippers, pjs and sleep mask.

There is also the classic nerd: a must for this one is the old glasses with reinforced tape, too small pants, shirt with pocket and lots of pens.

A hunter is a good one for the guys in the crowd. Think camouflage clothing, face paint, and an old army belt and a canteen.

A bag of jellybeans is my new favorite, clear large bag, and some colored balloons and there you are a bag of jelly beans.

What are some of your frugal ideas? If you are attending either, care to share your costume?








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