Ford Canada is Back at #SCCTO

Ford Canada will be back this year as title sponsor of the ShesConnected Conference later this week. I am so glad they are back, all of their installations were very interactive and you learned so much about the cars, how they are made and how they worked, and who can forget racing or careoke. I think those were favorites of the bloggers who were there…actually if you search youtube you will find many a video taken in the Ford Focus at the conference.

I wonder what they will have planned for this year?  I had the pleasure of taking the Ford team on a walk through of the site several months back as we discussed locations on site. Sincerely even then they did not let any surprises out of the bag.

It will be great to connect with the person in charge of Social Media for Ford Canada, Ammar again, and it will be great for the bloggers to connect with the new members of the Ford team as well. For me that means I get to connect with 2 of my friends who now work for Ford through digital partner agencies: Craig and Rannie will be in the building, and these are two of my favorite men in the digital space.

Tonight there will be a Twitter Party with Ford, I think it will be a great time, and what a chance to connect with them right before the conference. So pop on line at 9 pm EST and use the hashtag #SCCTOFord to join the conversation. There are even some prizes to be won as well.

You can connect with Ford on Twitter and on Facebook!


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