Bunheads – Curtains!

No, literally, Curtains. I just wanted to point out that this week’s episode of Bunheads featured not one, but TWO scenes about hanging a curtain rod.

If y’all think that’s entertainment, I just moved into a place with an 80″ tall window that I’m having a hell of a time decorating. Maybe I should have my own show, in which I visit every decor store in the city and rock back and forth amidst all the curtains and blinds saying “I don’t know! I just don’t know!”

On the bright side, I thought the part where Emily Gilmore Fanny kept sending Boo into the auditions in different disguises until she was truly “seen” was good, so I’ll keep watching. But if next week’s episode features Michelle painstakingly trying to decide between two lamps from IKEA, I’m out.

Bunheads – Curtains! Bunheads – Curtains! Bunheads – Curtains!

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