Revenge – Curveballs Galore

Revenge – Curveballs Galore Oh man. Season two and Revenge just keeps getting juicier, right guys? This week was full of twists, background and new details – like the White Haired Man’s real name!

I don’t know about y’all, but I think the White Haired Man is more interesting dead than he was alive. His name was Gordon Murphy, and he more than knew Emily’s mother. They were in a relationship together. I’m fascinated by this connection, and love that it adds yet another layer to all the drama, lies and intrigue. Now if (pfft, who are we kidding, when) Emily reconnects with her mother, they’ll have to face the fact that her lover was trying to kill Emily and Emily was involved in his death. That’ll make for awkward family dinner conversation!

We also got more insight to Emily and Aiden’s complicated history this week, and I think that has helped humanize Emily. I’m looking forward to seeing where that relationship goes, since he seems to know more about Emily’s quest to find her mother than anyone else.

Meanwhile, the Graysons have never been more divided, yet are standing together in front of the press. I love how this show never lets you feel sure about who’s to be trusted. Conrad and Victoria are both evil, sometimes you root for Victoria and sometimes against her. Daniel has been good and evil, and just when I think I’m rooting against him for good he surprises us. And poor Charlotte, she’s just trying to survive in that mess.

Victoria telling the press about Charlotte’s true paternity was a brilliant curveball, as was bringing Amanda up front with them and declaring her a part of the family. Now Amanda and Jack are at odds, she’s in deep with the Graysons and possibly angry at Emily. Anything could happen.

Stray thoughts:

  • I care even less about Declan the Cat Burglar than I do Declan.
  • Emily gave Amanda that diary to give to Charlotte, knowing that Charlotte would then burst in on Victoria’s big magazine interview and reveal the truth. But Victoria running with that and bringing Amanda up on stage? That was a surprise cherry on top. (I don’t think Emily predicted that -Amanda was ready to leave after visiting Charlotte, but Emily had her stay so they could watch everything unfold.)
  • Emily telling Daniel that he needs to hide his hatred of his mother so he can play the game on Victoria’s level was brilliant.
  • That last scene with Emily and Nolan was just lovely. A great depiction of how deep their friendship has become, and how much Emily owes him.

Revenge – Curveballs Galore


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