The Voice – The Final Battles

With more contestants this season, it feels like we’ve been blowing through these duels really quickly. I think there’s definitely some interesting talent this year, and I’m excited to see what happens from here. But first, the final vocals.

Team Christina: Jordan Pruitt vs. Adriana Louise singing “Hot ‘n’ Cold”
I liked this pop-driven pairing quite a bit. I love the tone to Jordan’s voice a lot, and preferred her in rehearsals. But I had a feeling that Adriana’s more aggressive style would impress Christina more. In the duel, Adriana did outsing Jordan in parts, but sometimes she does a thing with her voice that bugs me. Overall, I prefer Jordan because she seems to have a better sense of what her voice is good at. Winner: Adriana Louise

I was hoping someone would steal Jordan but alas, Christina was the only coach with a steal left.

Team Blake: Michaela Paige vs. Kelly Crapa singing “I Hate Myself For Loving You”
Pitting a country singer against a rock singer and choosing a Joan Jett song seemed to give one girl an advantage in this duel. This song just didn’t seem like sweet, little Kelly’s style, and it seemed like there was no way for her to win against Michaela. Kelly brought it stronger than I thought she would, but on stage Michaela was obviously more comfortable and I knew Blake would choose her.

Christina had one steal left and I was hoping she’d use it on Kelly, but no dice.

Team Cee Lo: Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne singing “Titanium”
I didn’t even need to know the song to know who would win this battle – Avery Wilson is my pick to win this whole season of The Voice. But the song is killer, and perfect for such talented singers. In rehearsals, Avery seemed really nervous and I was worried he would blow it. Avery’s performance was spectacular. I wish it had been a solo. Winner: Avery Wilson

Steal! This was a little anti-climactic since I knew Christina had a steal left and it was the last battle, but whatever. Chevonne isn’t my favorite, but she has a big voice and Christina will be a good mentor for her.

The Voice – The Final Battles


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