Favourite Friday…addendum (in which we beg)

L-A: I was so caught up in talking about 50 Shades of Grey and Pretend Boyfriends (and god I hope none of my Pretend Boyfriends end up in that movie. I know Shakespeare gots to get paid, but a lame rom-com with Reese Witherspoon is the better way to go), that I completely forgot to beg you for the following:


Favourite Friday…addendum (in which we beg)


I want to play it all cool and shit, but we want your love and admiration. A lot. Which is why we’re asking you to vote for us as best blog in Halifax.

Reasons to vote for us?

1. We love you.

2. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has a bit about needing recognition for blogging for three and a half years. No, I didn’t study psychology after I finished intro psych, but I’m sure this is a thing.

3. Good karma. I think.

4. We’ll randomly make one of you a Pretend Boyfriend/Girlfriend calendar, fit perfectly for Facebook cover photos, just for you. Even if you’re not in the Fantasy Pretend Boyfriend League. This is the only bribe we have.

5. Did I mention we love you?

6. I will totally videotape Ally recreating this scene should we win (okay, we have two bribes):

Favourite Friday…addendum (in which we beg)

This is what happens when you go on vacation. Your co-blogger volunteers you for embarrassing things and puts your theatre degree to work.

We do understand if your BFF/girlfriend/boyfriend/cousin has a blog and you feel the need to vote for them. We love the other bloggers out there and we’d have a tough time choosing just one if the choice didn’t include ourselves.

Soooo, love us with votes? Please?

Favourite Friday…addendum (in which we beg)

Wow. There’s no not awkward way to get out of a post that begs.  Keyboard cat, play me out!

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