My shoes need help

L-A: As I woke up later than planned this morning (way to go, cute alarm clock. You failed me yet again), I rolled over and looked at what was one of my best ideas ever: storing my shoes in their shoe boxes on a book shelf in my bedroom. But a sad, sad realization dawned on me as I looked at those boxes: they were all empty. Maybe two are not. Actually, I’m pretty sure three have shoes in them. But considering there are more than three boxes there, the cold light of day shed these truths:

- this is not actually my best idea.

- I’m a few boxes away from being an episode of hoarders.

- my pretty, pretty shoes are suffering a horrible fate: the pile that is my hall closet.

I’d share a photo with you, but I can’t because I’m embarrassed by what I’ve done to my collection. And now I need to take a minute, recycle the boxes and rethink how we’re going to do this.

Because let’s face it, this is never going to happen.

My shoes need help

Fuck you, Carrie Bradshaw and the closet you rode in on.


And honsetly, I’m never going to be as with it as Joan Crawford when it comes to my closet solutions.

My shoes need help

She’d die if she saw my plastic hangers and my pile of shoes.

So tell me, what’s a girl on a budget to do? Any suggestions?



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