Beep is Back! for a limited run

[Editor's note: I couldn't be happier that this stuff is back. Nothing kills off the common cold like 3 cartons of Beep and a healthy dose of DayQuil.  That is all.]

Earlier Today Farmers announced on their Facebook page:

Our Facebook Friends are among the first to know – we are bringing Beep back for a limited time. The packaging arrived yesterday and production is scheduled for later this week. Look for it in most stores that sell Farmers milk and other Farmers products starting next week. Remember Beep is only back for a little while, so enjoy it while you can. (stay tuned – more updates to come)

Beep is Back! for a limited run

And it will be back with the retro packaging as well, not the new style package it ended with.

Beep is Back! for a limited run

Expect scenes like this to happen all over Nova Scotia.

Beep Ad from ’64

Beep is Back! for a limited run


Anyway, not sure how beep is coming back to existence - whether a nuclear facility closed and had excess waste, or Orange No. 6 became available again through the Meat Cove Black Market. Or possibly there is just something extraterrestrial at work.  All I know is, I will have some Beep goodness in me within the week! Suck It Sunny D!

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