Mmm Pizza... Piatto is anything but flat

The Italian word "Piatto", which means "flat", almost seems inappropriate because the flavours are so robust.  Piatto which already has a well reviewed and loved location in St. John’s has decided to open a new location here in Halifax on the corner of Morris & Hollis. The napoletana style pizza complete with birch burning 900°F oven is their thing, and the pizzas are only cooked for about 90 seconds.

mmm Pizza – Piatto is Anything but Flat

and who doesn’t love a tumbler of vino

mmm Pizza – Piatto is Anything but Flat

We started out with a couple of appetizers. First was the Prosciutto Paachi, which are mozzarella balls wrapped in prosciutto and backed in San Marzano sauce.  They were tasty and the sauce was perfect. We also got the Salumeria Piatto which was essentially a charcuterie plate with cold cuts, greens, olives and fantastic garlic flat bread, once trying that flat bread the anticipation of the pizza crust rose. The 2 Pizzas that we ordered were the Sicilliani:

mmm Pizza – Piatto is Anything but Flat

...and the Cielo:

mmm Pizza – Piatto is Anything but Flat

These 11″ pizzas were divine and the Cielo in particular seemed to get better with every bite, there was a great brine-y saltiness to both pizzas that really let the flavours shine through. The crust was fantastically fluffy with a bit of chew and a side plate of Liquid Gold oil really made the crust shine. I really can’t wait to go back and try a white pizza, as the 2 excellent pizzas I had were both tomato based. The food was without flaw, fantastic, and it has definitely moved it’s way into my resto rotation.

mmm Pizza – Piatto is Anything but Flat

They are just currently in their soft opening as of the 30th and expect a grand opening later this month. One quick little knock about it though: the music didn’t seem to fit the ambiance of the restaurant. Johnny B Good isn’t exactly fitting with the accompanying surroundings. The big bonus is there is lots of seating.

~$80 2 pizzas 2 Apps and a wine

Menu and pricing here:

...but no Halifax specific info yet.

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