Mic Mac Mall – the mighty are falling

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Mic Mac Mall once the Atlantic destination has lost some of it’s lustre, it frankly now seems boring and dated but they are trying,

for example
Mic Mac Mall – the mighty are falling

Jack Jones is opening their first Atlantic store in Mic Mac and Thyme is opening a shiny new store front, and a mystery construction on the 2nd floor

There a few new stores that I hadn’t noticed before
Mic Mac Mall – the mighty are falling
Access (which appears to be a temp Bentley clearance centre) , Stockhomme (another version of International Clothiers), the Mic Mac Lounge which is using empty space, ThinkKitchen which is a rebranded Stokes, and Pandora

but then there are the empties, including Mic Mac Mall Lounge, and Access which seem temporary, and the GO Cards and Games which always seem temporary and then a slew of other open spots including the Sony Store which is now gone
Mic Mac Mall – the mighty are falling

and then there is the eventuality that Toys R Us is going to close, not if but when with the new store so close in Dartmouth Crossing

There are other major tenants that just look like they are waiting for an out
Mic Mac Mall – the mighty are falling
The Bay looks like a Zellers with lower shelves (but kudos to the Bay for putting the registers back in the departments) and that BMO counter which has looke the same since the 70s

there are some quirks I enjoyed though

Mic Mac Mall – the mighty are falling
Senior Parking is a nice touch, better than Hybrid parking IMO
and proof that Crocs are bad

When target opens here in 2013 i think it will be a draw, but a draw unto itself and MMM has lost it’s spot as a destination that it once was

Source: http://halifax.retales.ca/mic-mac-mall-the-mighty-are-falling/

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