A Trip to Costco :facepalm:

I had to grab something at Costco. I go in and I see this.  

Halloween already.  It’s only August 2nd. Halloween is nearly 3 months away.

Then I go by the next aisle and I am like No F’in way, you can’t be serious. This is ludicrous!

A Trip to Costco of :facepalm:A Trip to Costco of :facepalm:

Christmas wreaths! Wrapping paper!  And then on the way out the store:

A Trip to Costco of :facepalm:

They may still have the cheapest lunch in town with the $1.50 Coke and dog.  But the Chicken Fingers and Fries have been replaced by a Turkey and Provolone Sandwich.

Edit: Oh it’s the Hamburger that’s gone. Chicken Fingers still there.


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