Are We There Yet?: Preparing Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

Get any scheduled maintenance completed
At least a week before you go… if you’re due or even almost due get in to your shop for any required maintenance (including Air Filter)  and have an inspection completed to ensure the potential for anything serious isn’t right around the corner. It’s important to note that a well maintained and tuned vehicle can improve your fuel economy.
Check your tires
Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure; this is usually indicated on the tire or in your owner’s manual, if you’re unsure have your servicing dealer check for you. Low pressure can cause heat buildup that could lead to a blowout at high speeds. While you’re down there check your tread depth; all tires have a wear bar inside the tread groove if there’s no depth left above the wear bar you’re on borrowed time. All danger aside improperly inflated tires can devour your fuel economy by as much as 25%. Keep in mind that too much air can be just as bad as not enough… optimal is ideal especially with a long trip ahead.


Check your spare
You spare tire should be inflated (properly) and your jack, wrench and any other tire changing items like a wheel lock nut adapter should all be in your trunk with your spare. Also, check where your spare is located. Many Van’s and SUV’s have a unique location for your spare tire… know where this is in advance of any long trip.
Clean out your vehicle
Yeah, we know that you’ll have to do it again upon your return home but, the more stuff (extra weight) you have in your car, the more fuel you’re gonna burn so, clean mercilessly. If it’s not safety related you likely won’t need it. Give it a wash and vac while you’re at it since nobody should travel in a dirty car and clean feels good.


Load for the trip evenly and carefully
Distribute the weight as best you can by positioning the heaviest items forward in the trunk or inside your van if space allows. This will help to keep the weight between your axles. Vehicles do not have unlimited capacity so, don’t overload. Do your best to keep the weight even from side to side as well. I’m a fair bit heavier than my wife so, heavy stuff goes on her side, assuming I’m driving… of course I am.
Plan your route
If you have a NAV System you’re all set, if not, make sure you have a map for all the routes you’re travelling. Check with your dealer to confirm your vehicle manufacturers Roadside Assistance Program or consider CAA.
Relax and enjoy
Unexpected things may occur but, if you’ve prepared well most potential problems will pass you by… relax and enjoy your trio and time with the family!


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