In Case You Missed It: Meeting the Talent Demand

By Mike MacKenzie

This has been a promising week for labour market development news. The announcement of several initiatives and strategies aimed at both engaging underemployed workers and connecting segments of the labour force with non-traditional careers is a step in a positive direction.

In case you missed it, here are some of the stories that made headlines this past week:

Exploring how to encourage more women to adopt skilled-trade careers will be on the agenda when Halifax plays host to a conference put on by the Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology. The conference, taking place May 3-5, will focus on improving access to skilled-trade education and removing barriers that often stop women from considering non-traditional career options. It’s no coincidence that this year’s conference is being held in Halifax. With Irving’s $25B shipbuilding program in the works, the demand for skilled labour in the region is expected to increase steadily for the next number of years.

The federal government also announced last week that it’s providing over $600,000 to help injured and disabled workers get back on the job. TEAM Work Co-operative, the recipient of the funds, is putting the money towards existing projects that help workers improve their skills and find relevant employment in their home communities, including Halifax. It is estimated that the funds will help over 120 people return to the workforce.

Finally, the provincial government announced this week that it intends to lobby for an increase in the quota of immigrants it is allowed to accept each year as part of the Provincial Nominee Program. A joint provincial-federal initiative, the program allows provincial governments to nominate immigrants who have the skills to make an immediate economic contribution to the province that nominates them. Nova Scotia is currently able to nominate up to 500 immigrants under the program, which officials say is not enough to meet the upcoming demand for labour in the province.

So in case you missed it, you’re now in the know.

Author: Mike MacKenzie 

Mike is the Communications and Marketing Assistant with Greater Halifax Partnership, currently working as a Bachelor of Public Relations co-op student. A lover of all things communications and strategy related, Mike is often known to spend his free time analyzing the latest-and-greatest PR/advertising campaigns. As a relative newbie to the Halifax scene, he can also be seen strolling the streets of downtown looking for the next cool thing that the city has to offer.


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