Autoport Halifax: A Key Connection in Automobile Distribution

Everyone has a dream car. The one you always envision yourself taking the driver’s seat. But I ask myself how do I get my dream car; my bright green, shiny MINI Cooper? Well besides the obvious financial boundaries I have as a student, I would go to a local car dealership to find my prized wheels. However, this stylish compact car from Britain has to make its way to Halifax somehow, right?

Mystery solved! Last week’s episode of SmartCity introduces you to the Autoport Halifax Terminal and its general manager, Emery Robidoux.

One of the largest of its kind, the Autoport in Halifax handles more than 190,000 vehicles a year. While they are not all MINI Coupes, or Aston Martin’s like SmartCity host, Craig Layton searches for, they do handle a wide range of car types and models.

The organization has about 600 employees with a range of skills to offer. Handling vehicles from North America, Europe, Japan and Korea means the Autoport has to have a wide variety of skilled workers to be able to service whatever automobile may enter its terminal.

Factor in the large shipments they handle at a time (some 7000 vehicles in the lot when Craig visited) with the 60,000 square feet service bay, and it’s obvious that the Autoport has to be able to keep track of the entire fleet somehow.

Emery explains the system the Autoport uses in “The Automobile Supply Chain Story” video posted on Autoport’s website.

“We have a system called ATS and it’s an inventory system. Some of our guys like to think of us as an IT company because the system is leading edge. If there’s an event or move to a vehicle, it’s updated real time in our system so we know exactly where that vehicle is at any point in time during its life cycle while it’s in our possession.”

With over 100 acres, the Autoport includes the CN railhead where the serviced and checked vehicles are loaded up to reach their destination city. CN Rail is the only transcontinental railway system in North America and a key part of the Halifax Gateway. Its presence in Halifax makes it possible for the Autoport to operate and provides them an efficient way to transport automobiles.

The Autoport uses Halifax’s diversely skilled workers and top of the line technology to service and transport new automobiles across the country. At the end of the day Halifax has helped bring that smile to your face as you sit behind the wheel of your new, shiny car.

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Author: Samantha Lodge

Samantha is the Communications and Marketing Assistant at the Greater Halifax Partnership. She moved from Newfoundland to Halifax to attend university, and ended up rekindling her love of the east coast. She feels that being close to the ocean in a city with so much excitement is the ideal situation – Halifax’s talented music scene is an added bonus!


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