• Hello City

    By Tim Johnson The Same People, The Same Drinks And The Same Music, The Same Quicksand.

  • The Dartmouth Soundsystem
    "You stay alive, baby. Do it for Van Gogh."
  • Tales From The Den Haag Side

    A weblog about my life as a 30-something woman living in a foreign land.

  • Alice In Paris

    Writings about bits and pieces of my life and things I come across that capture my attention. Alice is the name of my grandmother who was an amazing business woman and Paris is a city we love. Art and tea are two more things I love!

  • And You Miss, Are No Lady

    I've got the what and the how part figured out, just working on the "who".

  • Glen Matthews
  • They Call Me Waiter

    Rants and observations from a tired, old, bitter man serving the people of beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • Welcome To The Monkey House

    CAUTION: This page may include mature subject matter such as excessive swearing, graphic sex stories and overall inappropriate storytelling. Along with thoughtful insight into what makes me tick and some sincere writing, it will also likely be a cesspool of shamelessly grandiose statements and a splash of pretentious, holier-than-thou commentary on topics including but not limited to music, politics, movies, human rights and the overall douchbaggery of mankind. This is my blog, and you, dear readers, have the power right now to click away if you don't don't think you can handle it. To any family members who may stumble across this little safe haven of mine, this warning isn't a cute or funny joke. I mean it. Don't feel bad about clicking away right fact, I encourage it. The rest of you, pull up a chair, a glass of juice and get comfortable.

    And while you're at it, follow Nicole on Twitter: @coleymac87

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