Blissdom Dreams: 5 Reasons Why I NEED to go to BlissDom Canada

Have you heard of BlissDom Canada? It is a conference for Canadian bloggers (and other relevant people) to get together and support this thing we love to do. And guys? I want to go! Badly. In fact, I think I need to go. “Need” is a strong word, but it is apt. Don’t believe me? Let me prove it to you.

Top 5 Reasons why I NEED to go to BlissDom Canada:

5. I have jealousy issues. BlogHer’12 (another blogging conference) just wrapped up in New York City and my social media world has been exploding with tweets and instagrams and status updates about how awesome the experience was. I am pretty sure my skin is slowly turning green from all the envy. I’ve turned to Dr. Interwebs and have found that the only cure is a ticket to another blogging conference. This is a life or death situation, folks!

I need to go to BlissDom Canada so I can be cured!

4. I dress like this. Daily. I’m lucky if both of my boobs are covered at any given time. I dread when the postman rings the doorbell. We have had some awkward moments, he and I. But if previous blogging conferences are any indication, every day leading up to a conference is riddled with anxiety over WHAT WILL I WEAR?!? so maybe I’ll be encouraged to make myself look a little more presentable.

My Mom Uniform

I need to go to BlissDom Canada to get out of my Mom-clothes rut.

3. I have either been nursing or pregnant for 32 of the last 36 months. In the past two and a half years, I have had 2 babies and have been pregnant 4 times. That is some hardcore mothering! But my husband? He hasn’t proven his hardcore Dad-ness yet. He doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby. He hasn’t tried to get both kids to sleep at the same time. He has yet to grocery shop alone with a baby and a toddler. He is such an awesome Dad that I think he deserves to experience all the joys of solo parenting.

My husband needs me to go to BlissDom Canada so he can have some quality time with our kids.

2. I am a very social person… online. I’m a moderatly social person offline too, but the truth is, I have met many incredible people in this online world and I am equally terrified and excited to meet them in real life. To me, blogging is about creating and fostering relationships and I could not think of a better way to do so then by getting together. I just hope that my social awkwardness won’t stand out in a room full of other Internet Tweeps.

I need to go to BlissDom Canada because everyone else is doing it and I want to join in!

And the Number 1 reason why I NEED to go to BlissDom Canada is…

1. This blog? This is me. This is where I pour my passion and my heart. I started blogging as an angsty teenager, I met my husband through blogging, I planned a wedding while blogging, and now I am blogging motherhood. I am a blogger. A Canadian blogger. So many of my goals and dreams are packaged up in this blog. I want my blog to be good. Really good. I want it to be engaging. And (I’m going to say what every blogger is scared of saying,) I want it to grow. I want to learn and experience so that this beautiful space of mine will flourish.

I need to go to BlissDom Canada because my heart is already there.


So now, my fate rests in your hands. I have been chosen as one of four bloggers who will have the chance to win a ticket to BlissDom Canada. In order to increase my chances of winning, I need votes. Your votes. How appropriate is it that it could be my readers who will send me to a blogging conference? Head on over to I Don’t Blog and (wait for the voting post to be added. It should happen sometime around noon EDT today, August 10th, then) vote for Laura at Mommy Miracles in the comments!

I am sorry to devote an entire blog post to pandering for votes. You know I never do this. But this would be a huge opportunity for me, and going to a blogging conference really has been one of my highest blogging goals. It would mean so much for you to help get me there.

So vote. And share this so others will vote. I know my readers and commenters are already the best ever. This will just prove it. xo


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