around the house with my boys

These foam darts are being pinged off my head everyday and need to be returned to the store asap.

around the house with my boys

What kind of parents buy four (!!) dart guns with extra foamies anyways???

*cough* not us *cough*

Talk about a moment of weakness. I remember one of us saying, “ah, they’re boys – they do stuff like this, right?!?“  Um, no. Wrong. In fact, I’m sure the definition of wrong is a 2 year old with a dart gun in his chubby hands, his kissable little lips pierced tight and holding it perfectly still in the kill shot position.

Parents of the year, friends. Parents. of. the. year.

(Both boys do have very good shots though…just sayin’.)

around the house with my boys

Back to the good stuff. Lots of snuggles around here :)  Boys are so lovey and fun.

around the house with my boys

And as equally as gross.

around the house with my boys

Baking on/making messes on/standing on/sitting on/crawling over/sneaking on top of the counters as per usual.

around the house with my boys

In general, it’s a no-pants/shirts-optional party at our house. Yours too?

around the house with my boys

“Teeeeeea!!!” (hot lemon water with honey) and Imagination Movers breaks in between the chaos. This lasts about 5 and a half minutes.

around the house with my boys
Tomorrow? Back at it with preschool, music class, snacks every 10 minutes and some very serious fort building.

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