Mayor Kelly won’t seek re-election

(February 22, 2012) Halifax – Mayor Peter Kelly announced today that he will not be seeking re-election this October.

“I feel that, after 27 years of public service, I have made my contribution to the good of the community to the very best of my ability and it is time to seek new horizons,” he said.
Mayor Kelly said that he intends to complete his term.
“It has been a great privilege to be mayor of HRM and I will carry with me forever the spirit of goodwill that citizens have always shown me. They have been my constant guide and inspiration. The residents were always the best part of this job and I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their advice, their support and also for their forgiveness when I have made mistakes, and I have made my fair share!.”
Mayor Kelly, 55, said he made his decision not to reoffer on Tuesday, after taking some personal time to reflect and to consult with his family.
“Being mayor has come with a cost,” he said. “Working more than 90 hours a week has taken its toll. My marriage has ended and it has been a strain on my family. I have always put the wellbeing of the municipality first but now it is time to give my family priority. I know that everyone will understand and respect my decision.”
Mayor Kelly said it would not be easy to walk away after so many years in office but that he felt it was time to move on.
“I have always had the best interests of the community at heart and have been committed to making HRM the best place in Canada to live, work, learn and play.”
Mayor Kelly acknowledged that there had been stumbles along the way, not least being the issue of his duties as executor to the estate of his late friend, Mary Thibeault.
“I am not making any excuses. Whatever problems have arisen have been because of my own tardiness and I am in the process of fulfilling her instructions,” he said. “Everything is accounted for and will be distributed according to her wishes.”

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