Pilot Project Helps Find Missing Man


A pilot project launched in January that is designed for people with
Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia was responsible for finding a
missing man over the weekend.
On August 12 at 10:58 a.m., police respond to a report of a man with
Alzheimer’s disease who had been missing for approximately two hours.
The man is a participant in Project S.O.F.T (Satellite Option Finding
Technology) Ware, an initiative that has outfitted ten people who have
Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia and a history of wandering with
a watch-like GPS device. In this case, the device was used to track the
man and officers were able to locate him eleven minutes after receiving
the call.
The program is available to residents of Halifax, Dartmouth and Bedford
(communities patrolled by Halifax Regional Police). The pilot phase is
scheduled to run for 12 months and there is no cost for participants
during that period. Anyone interested in learning more or to inquire
about requesting a device can contact 490-2554.
Source: Release
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