North End Matters, Oct 10 2012

Editor's Note: Due to technical difficulties our show was not available live on October 10th.  We present a shortened version below.  We apologize for the inconvenience.'
Today's Guests:
Jessie Jollymore, North End Community Health Center
Norman Greenberg, Community Development Leader
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For some individuals in the North End, healthy food options are easy. They
hop in their cars or on their bikes, and head to one of the nearest grocery
stores. But, what about the most vulnerable people in the North End,
particularly low-income families and elderly people who face a more
stressful journey to simply get groceries. 
Trips to the grocery store can mean precious hours out of a day for a family and,
a greater chance of injury for the elderly. Isn't there some way that we can
improve people's experiences with something as life-affirming as food?
There are two very busy people working in the North End who are doing just
Norman Greenberg Ph.D., of the North End's upcoming co-operative food market
and Jessie Jollymore of the North End Community Health Centre. Dr. Greenberg
moved to Nova Scotia in 1982 and, worked with the Capital District Health
Authority as a Psychologist for 25 years. He gradually became involved in
supporting adults with disabilities to work and to live in the community. In
1991, Dr. Greenberg created a non-profit organization called Affirmative
Industries, which provides significant job training for adults with
disabilities. His work in community development also led him to establish a
grocery store in Sunrise Manor, a local public housing complex for seniors.
Currently, Dr. Greenberg has joined with North End community members to
establish a co-operative food market for the entire North End.
Jessie Jollymore of the North End Community Health Center is a registered
dietitian and diabetes educator who has been the lead organizer of many
healthy living initiatives for North End residents. Her projects include: a
community kitchen that serves some of our more vulnerable community members,
the North End Walkers Program, and Hope Blooms - an entrepreneurial
gardening program for North End youth.
Dr. Greenberg and Ms. Jollymore have been working very hard to support the
North End. We are very happy to have them on North End Matters to discuss
their projects and more.
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