REPLAY: North End Matters, Wed Oct 24, 2012



This week's guests:
Douglas Macfarlane, Fitness Manager and
Personal Trainer, Good Life Fitness –Clayton Park
Dr. Jo Welch, Assistant Professor, School of Health and Human Performance, Dalhousie University
Oct 24, 12:30pm Live-Streamed                            
Press Release: Oct  19th, 2012                                                           
In Dr. Waldron’s research report, “Challenges and Opportunities: Identifying Meaningful Occupations in Low Income, Racialized Communities in North End Halifax”, she identified a lack of consistent exercise and affordable fitness programs as significant issues impacting the health of residents in the North End. This week’s North End Matters will explore this topic in detail and offer some possible solutions for the problem.
Our guests for this week’s discussion are Douglas Macfarlane, Fitness Manager and Personal Trainer at Good Life Fitness – Clayton Park and Dr. Jo Welch, Assistant Professor in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dalhousie University.
Douglas’s 8 years of experience as a personal trainer and fitness manager at Good Life Fitness, as well as his BA in Psychology has given him a unique insight into the barriers people face as they strive to become healthier. He’ll be sharing those insights, ways to overcome them, and tips for fitness that do not involve expensive gym memberships.
Dr. Jo Welch is currently a faculty member in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dalhousie. She holds a PhD in Nutrition and is currently researching the links between diet, physical activity and certain chronic diseases in Aboriginal people. Dr. Welch has also been exploring novel ways to improve fitness in inactive youth, especially those in low socioeconomic areas of Halifax. One of her most recent programs was a pogo stick program for girls at Needham Recreation Center.
We are very pleased to have Dr. Welch and Douglas next week. They are both dedicated to bettering the health of their clients and are eager to help North End Matters address the social determinants of health in the North End.
North End Matters is a live-streamed, online talk show that brings in policy makers and service providers to discuss upcoming changes in the North End. We stream live at and anyone can join our live discussion by using the chat service built into the stream's page. 
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