Project to help young children with reading seeks volunteers

I happened to notice a report in the Herald a few days ago suggesting young students in Halifax aren't getting enough extra help with literacy, and aren't making the expected targets. 

"Nearly half of Grade 1 students in the Halifax regional school board who received extra help didn’t achieve expected results by the end of the school year, despite daily literacy sessions for several months," the article said. 

So, if that worries you, you might want to get involved with this community project to help kids with reading. You can help design the program. Details below. 

Tote Tales

Come be part of an exciting community project to encourage children's reading and learning. Use your talents and creative ideas to expand a story into many fun activities. Childcare and snacks provided. Earn a certificate of volunteer hours - no experience required. Attend one or all 4 sessions. Building on the Chebucto Book Buddies program. 

Edward Jost Child Care Centre
Thursdays 9:30am-11:30am
Started January 31st through until February 21st
Brought to you by the Spryfield Area Family Support Task Force
Limited Space: please call 479-1015 to register...

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Submit applications to use community space for health programming

Further to my post yesterday about health programs being put on by the Chebucto community health team, if you want to put on your OWN program that's even loosely related to community wellness, you may want to check this out. 

-----from the Community Health Team:
The deadline for submitting an Expression of Interest to partner with the  Community Wellness Centre in Spryfield and use community space within the Wellness Center is February 15th, and we are fast approaching that date! 
Please note: the Community Wellness Center in Spryfield now has a separate application from the Dartmouth Community Health Team. If you want to use space in both facilities you have to fill out two separate Expressions of Interest. 

As we move forward with our programming for the next program cycle we would like to invite you to partner with the Community Wellness Centre at the Spryfield Mall. 
We are looking for community groups, non-profit organizations and/or health care providers to bring high quality health programming (e.g. programs, sessions, meetings, etc.) to this Community Wellness Centre.
The process is really very simple. Consider whether you are interested in delivering a program or holding a meeting at the Community Wellness Centre. Fill out the attached expression of interest form and return it by Feb. 15 (To get the forms, phone 487-0649 or email

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Please note for current Expression of Interest Partners, your current contract is good for one year from the date your last application was accepted....

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Report estimates operational costs for Purcells Cove water/sewage up to $34 million

People in Purcells Cove may be interested in a new report prepared by Efficiency Nova Scotia's Adam Hayter and Our HRM Alliance. That's a group that was formed in 2011 and according to its website includes organizations like the Ecology Action Centre, Fusion Halifax, and the Downtown Business Commission. 

The report was released Jan. 18 and is an estimate of the operational costs for extending water and sewage along Purcells Cove Road. It makes a number of assumptions including the cost of energy and the construction of 1,600 new homes in a nearby development. 

Using those assumptions, the report concludes the operational costs over the next 50 years would be between $6.8-$34 million.

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New free programs offered by Chebucto community health team

Good morning everyone - it's that time again when OTC gets updated. Since so many of my posts are community health related, I like that OTC also stands for over the counter. Nothing super fancy here - just your regular, everyday sort of medicine on this blog. 

Speaking of which, here's a link to the full schedule for the Chebucto Community Health Team's winter programs. Download it from that site as a PDF. 

These are the titles of programs on offer. They are all free. 

Exercising with the CHT (Beginner)
Stretching and strengthening 4-week program (Beginner)
Movement, balance, and coordination 4-week program (Beginner)
Core strength and stability 4-week program (Intermediate)
Want to be physically active? Find out how!
How healthy is your plate? Eating for health
Beginner's guide to weight management
Weight management 4-week program
Craving change 4-week program
Craving change follow-up - Keep the change going!
Introduction to making the most of your food dollar
Making the most of your food dollar 3-week program
Cooking with the CHT 2-week program
Personal wellness profile
Want better health? Build better goals!
Staying on track
Heart healthy living
Your way to wellness
Incredible years parenting program, 12-week and follow up session
Living with stress
Feel better about yourself
Building healthy relationships
Understand and get a handle on pain
Find leisure in your life
Building better sleep
Introduction to assertiveness
Caring for a senior
Noon meditation
Caregiver support
Budgeting 101
It's your money: A financial presentation for those 55+
Look after your back
Anxiety workshop
Why is regular and diabetic foot care so important?
Beginners yoga
Smoking cessation...

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Weight loss tips workshop at Cpt. William Spry

If you made a resolution to try to get in better shape this year, you may be interested in a program this afternoon at the library:

Beginner’s Guide to Weight Management
Explore past successes and failures with weight loss. Learn some practical tips around food and activity that helps you set realistic expectations and goals for your weight. Presented by the Chebucto Community Health Team.
Captain William Spry Public Library
Wednesday, January 16/1:30 pm...

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New site launches with historic photos of the Mainland South area

Hey history buffs, you'll want to check out a new website coming next month with historic photos and records of this area. The site will be launched at the Mainland South Heritage Society's Annual Heritage Tea and Display, Saturday, February 16th, from 1-4pm at the Captain William Spry Community Centre, 16 Sussex Street.

-----Here's more about the project----

Library and Community Archives

In partnership with the Mainland South Heritage Society, Halifax Public Libraries is pleased to provide a sneak peek into the first phase of our Library and Community Archives.  The digital archives feature a community archive of historic photographs and the library’s own collection of local historic postcards. 

Explore the community’s rich history through the historic photographs of the people, places and events of the Mainland South communities.  Communities represented in the archives include Armdale, Bear Cove, Coote Cove, Duncan's Cove, Ferguson's Cove, Halibut Bay, Harrietsfield, Herring Cove, Jollimore, Ketch Harbour, Kline Heights, Melville Cove, Northwest Arm, Pennant (East & West), Portuguese Cove, Purcell's Cove, Sambro, Sambro Island, Spryfield and York Redoubt.

The library’s postcard collection evokes memories of familiar, as well as lesser known HRM landmarks.  Personal messages on some of the postcards provide a glimpse into the lives and times of a bygone era.

Keep your eye on this archive as we add more photographs, postcards and communities. ...

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