Pedestrian safety reviewed on Walter Havill Drive

Chebucto community council received a staff report on February 6 on traffic and pedestrian safety in the Stoneridge subdivision of Armdale.
The council had asked city staff to find out whether a crosswalk is needed across Walter Havill Drive near the small playground at the entrance to Hail Pond. There had been some reports of speeding along the road. At the same time, council asked staff to give an update on the bus route 22 ridership. The bus travels along the same street.
Staff reported back and said they feel a marked crosswalk isn't required at that intersection because there isn't enough traffic to require it. There were only three speeding complaints in the first 11 months of 2011.
And though of course, there is no bus 22 on Walter Havill right now, when there was a bus it didn't appear to be getting the number of passengers that meet Metro Transit standards yet (which are: 25 passengers per hour during weekday daytime and 15 per hour during evenings and weekends).
Most recently the bus is carrying 15 daytime and 7 evening passengers. Metro Transit expects a new route to meet standards in the first 18-24 months, and this route started in August 2010. The report says the route is showing "encouraging signs of ridership growth."
It's worth noting that residents on that street protested the route 22 before it began, saying they felt buses were too big for the street and would bring too much fast traffic.
See the HRM report here.


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