New district 11 candidate hosts meeting to discuss issues

A new candidate for district 11 is offering people a chance to meet and talk about municipal issues. Peter Grabosky says he'll be running for council in the municipal election on October 20. 

He's hosting what he calls his first  "Walk and Talk" at the Captain William Spry Community Centre on July 20 at 7pm. (If this is the first, will there be more than one?)
He has a Facebook page and a Twitter account at @hrmpetegrabosky.

In case you were wondering, here is a link to HRM's official map of the new District 11. 

Councillors Linda Mosher and Stephen Adams told OpenFile Halifax they both intend to run in the next election. Mosher said she will run in district 11, but Adams, who is currently councillor for district 18 Spryfield-Herring Cove, said he'll run in district 13 (Hammonds Plains-St. Margaret's). 

I have now heard about a few people who intend to run in district 11, so as I hear about their announcements I'll post links to websites, platforms, or whatever they are offering up. Although some candidates have declared already, official nomination day is September 11.

And, for all your municipal elections-needs, including what to do if you wish to run for council (or school board, because those elections are held on the same ballot), check out this page. 


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