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A Slice For The Locals


Brother's Pepperoni (The real Brothers and not Greco's "Chris Brothers"), ground beef, bacon, mushrooms, mozza and a sweet red sauce (almost as sweet as Donair sauce).  Loving it, and aptly named.  Bonus points to whomever can tell us where to find a slice of this heavenly pie?

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BREAKING: Glowing Ball Spotted

This somewhat unfamiliar entity was spotted just over Argyle Street this noon-hour.  Scattered reports point to a phenomenon known to locals as "sunlight" or "sunshine".  Local meteorological groups claim it will be visible again on Saturday, but we strongly caution they have been incorrect in the past.


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BREAKING: Bud The Spud Out Of Retirement?

Yes, the staff at haligonia.ca consider this "breaking" news.  Bud the Spud is back and fryers are cooking.  New owners? Did they change their minds? Is this all a big tease?  Let us know!


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Pic: Free Gas?

Drivers were doing a bit of a double-take Friday when looking at this sign.  This gas station on Robie Street is closed for construction work on it's underground storage tanks.

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(Pic) LuLuLeaders

Spotted on Spring Garden Road this afternoon.  Bonus points for pretty much getting the party colours on target.


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Lined Up For The Last Of The Sub-Dollar Gas

Every lane was full at the Superstore on Joe Howe drive in Halifax as drivers topped up their tanks before an expected gas increase on Friday. Prices are expected to increase by at least two cents per litre at midnight.

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Photopool Finds - March 31/09

With the snowy weather still haunting us, we thought we'd bring you a few choice shots to remind you of warmer, gentler times in haligonia. 

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