For the Love of Humanti-T

For the Love of Humanti-T

Recently the stars aligned and my two favorite girls and I were all off at the same time! Freaky right? We decided to head downtown for some afternoon shopping and coffee. I've really been looking forward to checking out the new shop located on South Park Street, so when the girls mentioned they wanted to go I jumped on the chance.

Immediately I have to say I was impressed by the decor, and the space is quite large. I just wish they had more seating outside, but I think this will come, they did just open. So a big fat check mark on the atmoshere and decor, and also the amount of food and beverage options. I love that there are so many vegan, gluten free, and dairy free options avaiable. I kind of felt like I was back in California where these kinds of things are the norm. I was running on empty, so I needed a heavy caffeine fix, so I opted for an iced americano, and of course some mango sorbetto. I can't wait to go back and try everything: the vegan milkshakes are deffnitely on the top of my list.

Below are a few of photos we snapped of our delicious treats!
For the Love of Humanti-T

For the Love of Humanti-T

For the Love of Humanti-T
Nothing beats an afternoon of shopping, coffee and gelato! It was so nice to see my girls! It's hard going from seeing the same people everyday while studying in university to hardly seeing them at all. Growing up stinks sometimes! 

Happy Thursday blog reader! 


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