Author: Dr Jo Stanley And Hello Sailor

Video: Jo Stanley visits and has a discussion with Liam about her book and the newest piece in the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic "Hello Sailor!". The museum will have this section from May 19 - November 27. (An event was mentioned in this interview that has already passed.)

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Dr Natasha Turner And The Supercharged Hormone Diet.

Video:  Ashley King chats with lovely Dr Natasha Turner about her recently released follow up to 'The Hormone Diet'. As well as discovering why Natasha decided to create the supercharged version you can find out how Natasha practices what she preaches. This weekend we will be giving away a sign copy of the new best seller. If you wish to take part please follow us on twitter for your chance to win.

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Helena Darling Inks Up Haligonia

Video: Emma Prat goes under the needle with tattoo artist on the rise Helena Darling. She grits her teeth and finds out what it takes to make your mark---literally in this industry.

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Mable Murple As Read By An Englishman

Video: Ashley King reads a passage and chats with Author Sheree Fitch about the re-release of her famous childrens book Mable Murple with it's new illustrations created by Halifax based artist Sydney Smith

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Sheree Fitch On Her New Book.

Video: Ashley King talks with Author Sheree Fitch about her new novel Pluto's Ghost .  You can also watch Sheree give Ashley a right hook and upper cut to help explain how she got into the role of the main character whilst writing.

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Under The Electric Sky

Video: Ashley King chats with Author Christopher Walsh about his new book, "Under The Electric Sky: The Legacy of the Bill Lynch Shows"

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