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The Wine Event of the Year!

It'd Friday am and I'm really excited for Monday.  Wait, WHAT?  Yes, I know this is not a comment most people would say on a Friday, when, as LoverBoy would say, "Everybody's workin' for the weekend!"  But this MOnday is a little different.  THIS Monday, I get to attend Innovative Beverage's first ever Grand Portfolio Tasting!

The event, held at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia will feature winemakers and winery representatives for 8 different countries, representing 17 wineries and 15 different wine regions will be pouring their wines; that's 80 wines to try!! There will also be a fresh oyster bar and delicious canapes.  The Grand Portfolio tasting will not only be a fun event, but a great fundraiser to boot as 100% of the proceeds will go towards the Kids Help Phone Atlantic! AND tickets are ONLY $50!!

Here are the details for the event:

Date- Monday April 30th

Time- 7- 9:30 pm

Location- Art Gallery of Nova Scotia- Hollis Street

Price $50 plus HST

To name a few...

The Hess Collection
Taylor Fladgate
Santa Margherita
Peter Lehman



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Restos coming together for Eat Your Heart Out Halifax

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with bite: Restos coming together for Eat Your Heart Out Halifax

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Post-run dinner at Saege

As of this past February, I joined a running team.  It was a pretty good idea, since I eat out quite regularly - that maaayyy be an understatement!  Anyhow, on this particular running session we had to do hill training!  That's right - the very words made me quiver with fear.  

As it turned out though, it was a cinch.  I ran up and down Citadel Hill 18x, and was barely breathless at the finish.  To celebrate my athletic aptitude...I wanted a drink.  A glass of bubbly was the only thing on my mind, and when Mitch suggested that we go to Saege Bistro for dinner, I happily agreed.

Once inside with my sparkling flute in hand, we made some choices for dinner.  With my metabolism running at a feverish pace (yeah right), I decided to share the Appetizer Tasting Plate ($13) with Mitch and order the uber-delicious sounding scallop entree.

The Appetizer Plate was OK; but I wasn't thrilled.  The crab cake was very nice; light and with a crisp breading, but it was almost falling apart when the dish arrived at the table.  The shrimp was cooked well and had a great, bright and spicy flavour.  I let M have the spring roll as I was saving room for my main event.  

Appetizer Tasting Plate 

Chili  Shrimp, Spring Roll & Crab Cake

Glass of bubbly post-run

When the entrees arrived, I was ready to dig in.  My scallop dish ($22) was excellent.  The scallops were anchored in a creamy butternut squash & pumpkin puree that had just the right amount of sweetness.  Always one to appreciate some veg, the addition of spinach and tomato was a great choice, with the ripe red fruit bursting in my mouth.  I moved one of the scallops to the side of my plate and made a decadent discovery; hidden seductively between the squash puree and the incredibly supple scallops was a slab of salty, delicious Oulton's bacon.  I would, 100%, order this dish again.

Seared Digby Scallops

Braised Oulton's Bacon, Butternut Squash & Pumpkin Puree

Grape Tomato & Spinach

Ah, the bacon!

Unfortunately, M wasn't so lucky the first time around.  I've since convinced him to order his steak 'rare' instead of his usual (groan) "rare to med-rare", as he almost always ends up with a medium-well steak.  Minor rant here, as it's happened at 3 different restos in the last month.  Anyhow, when the second attempt at a rare steak arrived, it was a very nice plate. The meat was super flavourful and tender.  I also put away several forkfuls of the earthy wild mushroom risotto - I could have eaten a whole bowl!

Getaway Farms 6 oz. Striploin $22

Wild Mushroom Risotto & Braised Shallot Jus

Since I have a salty tooth and M, a sweet, I could do without when the dessert menu appeared.  But I did have a taste of his for good measure. ;)  I had mixed feelings about the Vanilla Bean Cheesecake ($8).  On one hand, the blueberry compote was lovely and the luscious lemon cream 'to-die-for', but the cheesecake had a very granular texture that I really didn't care for.  I'd think twice before ordering this dessert, but some of the other options sounded pretty decadent, and were a nice change from other resto's old standards.  

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake $8

w/ Blueberry Compote & Lemon Cream

Even with the minor disappointments of this meal; we had an excellent time.  The atmosphere in Saege is comfortable and unpretentious.  It's one of those casual fine dining spots that allows you to have a great meal at a reasonable price point, but still feel like you indulged. I will go back again, and have a couple times since.  It's well worth the visit - especially if it's scallops that you're craving!


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'Eat Your Heart Out' Halifax!

 This week is going to be a 3-post kind of week; I have so much stuff to talk about!!

So let's get down to business:  I want to write about a great event coming up, here in Halifax on Tuesday, April 24th.  Save room for dinner that night, because over ten restos in Halifax will be participating in 'Eat Your Heart Out', a fundraiser in support of the Maritime Heart Centre. 

The inaugural ‘Eat Your Heart Out, Halifax’ event is a unique approach to fundraising that celebrates the HRM food scene while raising critical funds for heart disease care and prevention in the Maritimes.

‘Eat Your Heart Out’ is a novel concept; on Tuesday April 24th 2012, participating restaurants will donate 15% of their food sales for the evening to the Maritime Heart Center. This gives diners an opportunity to support the Maritime Heart Center simply by enjoying a meal at one of a number of local restaurants.

“This is a unique fundraising model that holds great benefit for everyone involved” says John Britton, Executive Director for the Maritime Heart Center. “We hope to make this an annual fundraising event that removes the need for expensive tickets and dressing up. We want Haligonians to go out en-masse on this one night and have dinner with friends and family at one of our numerous participating establishments. This means raising money for heart disease is as easy as raising your fork”.

In addition to raising money, the event also celebrates HRM’s incredible restaurant industry. “Halifax has such a vibrant food scene” says Nancy Tissington of the Spring Garden Area Business Association. “This initiative showcases both our city’s innovative cuisine and social conscience. The restaurants get health-centred exposure and promotion and the Maritime Heart Center receives the proceeds, which stay right here in the Maritimes supporting heart disease care and prevention. It’s a win-win all round”.

The fundraising model is based on other wildly successful dine-out events that take place across North America, and as HRM doesn’t have a city-wide charitable dine-out fundraiser the Maritime Heart Centre is hoping to grow this event year-on-year to include more and more restaurants and, eventually, more communities across the Maritimes.

“Heart disease is Canada’s biggest killer” says Britton, “and nowhere is this more obvious than right here in the Maritimes, where 1 in 3 people will die of a heart-related condition. This is a fantastic opportunity for people to contribute to our charity simply by doing what they would normally do – enjoy a great meal at a great restaurant. When you choose to eat at any of our participating establishments on April 24th you are automatically supporting heart disease care and prevention in your community”. Early reservations are highly recommended.

‘Eat Your Heart Out’ takes place on April 24th 2012. For a full list of participating restaurants visit the Maritime Heart Centre or call 902 446 3669.

Currently, participating restos include: Onyx, Saege, Moda, Estia, Fid, Chives Bistro, Economy Shoe Shop, Mexico Lindo, Vinnie’s Pasta Bar, Rockbottom Brewpub & Morris East. 


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Eating light at Elements

A few weeks ago, my one of my bf's best pals was in town from NL.  After a few nights of partying, we were quite content to spend a low-key, relaxing night out for a late dinner.  When you live in my hood, there are several dining options, but in this case, we were dying for some rosemary brioche cooked in a tin can - so Elements resto it was!

After being seated we ordered a bottle of Grand Pre's L'Acadie Reserve - our usual pick here since NS wines are priced at just cost + $5.  After pointing out our favorite dishes to our pal, I decided to try a few new-to-me dishes, and order the Micro Greens Salad ($7) and the Roasted Squash Soup ($8) - two of the  lighter menu options.  

The salad was delicious; with farmer's market vegetables and a lovely pear and ginger vinaigrette, it was a fresh choice that provided great crunch.  I ordered the dressing on the side - always cautious of dressing overload - but my friend's salad was expertly dressed, so I'll likely order the dressing 'on' the next time around.  Mitch chose the Indian Point Mussels ($10) as he often does.  The mussels are steamed in L'Acadie Blanc with garlic and herbs - which made our wine a very good choice - and they're served with a nice, sweet potato roll.

Micro Greens Salad

The soup is also fantastic, with the presentation being just as good as the soup itself.  Our server placed a bowl in front of me with a dollop of goat's cheese, several small cubes of squash and some crispy fried sage leaves.  Then, as his colleague poured my warm, thick soup from a lovely kettle, I could smell the squash's sweet aroma.  I'll have to go back again before the weather heats up - this is just the thing for a chilly night.

Roasted Squash Soup

Always a fan of the gnocchi ($21), Mitch ordered Element's latest version with braised lamb, sauteed mushrooms, Brussels sprout leaves tossed in a warm lamb jus.  On top of the tender gnocchi was a sage millet crumble.  This was pretty tasty, but the contrast in textures was a bit to abrupt for me, so next time I'd order that crumble on the side. 

This is a fairly heavy meal - but wonderfully warm and rich and the lamb jus lends just a hint of mystery to the dish. I love when Mitch orders mussels & gnocchi as he can never finish the pasta and my fork swoops in to save the day and clear away the last few delectable morsels!

Braised Lamb Gnocchi

Unfortunately, our pal doesn't live here, so we can't go to dinner with her all the time, but it was nice to be able to spend such a lovely, relaxed evening for her last night in Halifax.  And, lucky us: at the end of the meal, we were given some envelopes with an unknown perk. We'll have to visit Elements again to redeem it, but since our pal went home to NL, we left with three.  Weeeeee!


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Brunch at The Armview

My gal pal Heather and I met up last week for a good, efficient working breakfast.  If you're not aware of it, you should really check out her business Twin Bridges Photography.  She and her work are awesome!!
Anyhow, we're talking about food here, so I'll get to the good stuff.  Originally heading out for brunch at the Heartwood Cafe and Bakery, we were pretty bummed to see that it was closed (which I've since found out was for renos - not permanently).  Since we were in that end of town, we opted for The Armview instead.  I've heard tons about this place, but had never been - carless, I normally stick to restos within walking distance.  

When we arrived, we were greeted by a sweet server who kept our coffee mugs full.  Heather opts for the breakfast sandwich; the Chebucto with bacon, egg and cheddar cheese served with a fruit cup for $8.

 The Chebucto

   I have to admit - I had a bit of food envy.  Look how delish!!

I, as per usual, tailored my order!  I chose the Senorita ($11); poached eggs, avocado and salsa served on slices of tomato as opposed to the English muffin.  I'm always nervous about my benny being drenched in the sauce so I always have it served on the side as well.  This was a pretty good breakfast.  Forget about food groups, I had all the food textures covered; rich & creamy (avocado/Hollandaise), fresh & spicy (tomato/salsa) and salty and crispy (home fries).  Speaking of crispy, those home fries were perfect - for my taste that is.  I'm very particular about my potato products; they MUST have a crispy exterior!

The Senorita

This was a great spot to stop for breakfast - whether working or just enjoying time with good friends.  I think I'll make these two feet do some walkin and stop by another time soon!


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New Fave Meal at Hamachi Steakhouse

A couple Saturday nights ago, Mitch and I ended up at Hamachi Steakhouse.  We had just come home from an all-day, around-town excursion and did the usual Saturday night dance of: Take out? No take out. Grocery store to pick up ingredients and make dinner? Too lazy.  Go out to dinner? Done.

After several back and forths, we realized that we had vouchers for the Hamachi Group, so we chose the Steakhouse on the waterfront for dinner.  Unfortunately, the clock on the stove has remained an hour ahead since last Fall's time change (don't judge me) so when we called and said OK to 9pm dinner, thinking it was 8pm....we had a really long wait!

When we finally got down and seated, it was 9 on the nose, and we placed our orders pretty quickly!  This is a great space to go on a weekend night because the place is always rocking with Teppanyaki - the practice of the chefs cooking your dinner on the slab grills in frount of you.  There were about 4 full tables and the hootin' and hollerin' made turned our dining experience into full out dinner theatre!

If you're lucky enough to know my pal Anthony, you'd be jealouse, as he was our server for the night.  We started off with a bottle of wine and sweet-talked A into sweet-talking the chefs into making our (typically) deep-fried platter into a grilled one. We had the Seafood Assortment ($15.99) and instead of panko breaded scallops, calamari and shrimp, we had succulently tender seafood that really shone!  It was served with both tonkatsu sauce and house made ponzu; deliciously mysterious asian flavours.

Seafood Assortment (sans Panko breading)

Mitch loves steak, and often ends up ordieng one whereever we go; and when in a steakhouse....  He ordered the Teriyaki Striploin (8 oz.) served with sauteed veg and a side salad.  It was a pretty good steak for $26....Although I think that I had the better plan!

Teriyaki Striploin

I decided on the "Your Choice" salad - which is like: the BEST salad deal in Halifax!  The 'choice' here is that you can select from steak, salmon, shrimp, tuna, chicken, etc. to top this tasty bed of greens. The salad itself is comprised of spinach, tomato, cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, edamame and shiitake mushrooms (one of my absolute favorite things) for just $11.99!  This is all served with Hamachi's house-made apple vinaigrette.  I get mine with rare steak and it's fantastic - waaayyy better than a $26 steak, in my opinion, but then again, there is a slight variation in appetites between Mitch and I.

 Your Choice Salad w/ steak

This salad is so good that I get it again that very week when we host a work function at Hamachi.  This time, I order the salmon option.  It's equally delicious and filling.  I've found a new love here.

 Your Choice Salad w/ salmon


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Hart Thistle - TeamBuy's new deal!

I’m super excited to write this post as a first-time TeamGal!  I’ve been recruited to write and do reviews of various restos, cafes, etc. in Halifax and then report the experience as the TeamBuy deal goes live.

The Hart & Thistle on Halifax’s waterfront is a favorite spot of mine during the summer, when I can sip one of their micro beers on the sun-drenched patio.  I’ve even done some writing there from time to time – with beer in hand, of course.

This time, it’s 4:00 pm on a Saturday and there are only a few people inside.  It’s really nice though; a bright, comfortable spot to get some work done as I wait for my company.  The piano player seems to have a fondness for Elton John – which is fine by me.

I ask to order a micro-brew and the server describes the two current brews; Mad Man – at 7% alcohol, an IPA and Rocket Man – at 8%, a double IPA.  Appropriate, given the tunes!  I taste them both and decide I’m partial to the Mad Man; it’s a bit more zippy than the other, and with nothing yet in my stomach, I’m wise not to start on a 8% brew!

When my bf arrives, he orders a Muddled Cucumber ($6.09) and the Calamari immediately; panko crusted, it's served with tomato jam and sweet chili mayo.  Served on a slate tile, the pile of squid is tender and the batter, crisp.  We gobble them up quickly, piling each bite with the sweet mayo and yummy tomato jam.

As the server clears our plates, I order a pint of Stella Artois, while Mitch gets a Keith's.  We put in our orders for the 2-piece Maritime Fish n' Chips ($12) and an 8 oz. NY Striploin ($18).   

The lightly battered haddock is tasty; it's crisp and not too greasy.  Served with PEI russet fries and a house-made tartar sauce, I managed to eat one whole piece and then pick the batter off the other.  The quality of fish is excellent and the tartar sauce is delish.  

Mitch's steak is served with frizzled onions, vegetables of the day and horseradish potatoes. The steak is great - full of flavour.  The vegetables are the highlight of this dish for me though; they're al dente, so the carrots, cauliflower, asparagus and green beans still have a slight crunch.  The horseradish potatoes are OK - we think that they're not that fresh.

Believe it or not, after all that, we're still able to consume, so we decide on the dessert sampler platter ($15).  Another tile appears with a selection of the Hart & Thistle's desserts; a piece of bread pudding, a chocolate brownie in a pool of caramel sauce and a lovely oval-shaped disk of chocolate pate.  In the center, there's a small bowl of vanilla bean ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream with fruit.  This is a bad idea...but oh, so good!  I normally go for salty over sweet, but having had my fare share of salt tonight, this is a lovely change.  The brownie is dense and chewy, the bread pudding has a subtle caramel flavour and the chocolate pate tastes like the centre of a Lindt truffle.

We practically roll out of the restaurant, but it was a great way to spend a Saturday evening.  I love the Hart & Thistle on a hot summer's day, but now I love it on a cold winter's night as well!  Make sure to check out today's TeamBuy: $35 of food for $17!


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My Birthday Dinner at Morris East

I love birthdays.  I enjoy buying presents for people and wrapping them up into beautiful parcels to present to them on their special day.  I (obviously) also relish the dining aspect of birthdays; whether it's a simple cake or an elaborate 5-course meal, I love the celebration that's involved and making the Bday boy/girl feel special.

And I love it when it's MY birthday!  I'm one of those people whose birthday falls right on the cusp of the Christmas season.  That's right - my bday falls within the 12 days of Christmas, on January 5th.  When I was younger, I always guilt-tripped my parents into a really good birthday present.  Of course, I did offer the obligatory, "thanks mom for your 9 months of incubation, labour and putting up with me during my teens", but I also got away with making my birthday last a whole week instead of just one day.

I've since met a little bird who makes her Bday last a whole month - but that's another story all together!  This broad did help me celebrate one of my birthday days, as did my colleagues, and then my boyfriend's colleagues... 4 birthday cakes/desserts in all!  Needless to say, I was birthday'd out by mid-January, so I think a week's worth of celebrating is still fine enough for me.

The best part about this Bday though, was my dinner at Morris East.  I agonized over this decision for several days prior - pouring over menus at Gio, Da Maurizio, The Bicycle Thief, CUT, etc... But when I sat back and thought about what I wanted, it was something simple; something that I don't eat very often: CARBS! I wanted to unabashedly eat them with no care for the aftermath.  So where to go in this city for a good feed of carbs?  Morris East- for some wood-fire grilled pizzas.

When we arrived at 8:30 pm on the Saturday night following my Bday, we started off with some tasty cocktails.  I had the Patsy ($11) with citadelle gin, St. Germain elderflower, rosemary syrup, lemon and sparkling wine, while Mitch had the Winter Mojito ($10.50) with amber rum, muddled limes, fresh mint, drunken cranberries and soda.  I think my drink was so delicious because it combined some of my favorite bevys all-in-one; gin, St. Germain and sparkling wine.

As we sipped, we put in some orders for appetizers to share; the Vinaigrette Caesar ($9) and the Stuffed Portobello Cap ($9).  I'd had the Caesar before and it's my favorite one in Halifax.  Made with a light, lemony vinaigrette as opposed to a heavy creamy dressing, the simple flavours really stand out here.  The portobello mushroom  cap was delicious - I had a hard time passing the plate over.  The tender mushroom was topped with creamy melted bocconcini cheese, a smokey roasted tomato and an inventive pesto.

Vinaigrette Caesar   

Caesar w/ smoked bacon, sourdough croutons & preserved lemon

Stuffed Portobello Cap

w/ wood-fired Portobello mushroom, bocconcini cheese, 

artichoke cashew pesto, slow cooked tomato & herbs

With the appetizers cleared away, there was just a minute's wait before our pizzas arrived.  They were huge - divvied up into 6 slices each.  I knew what I wanted days before; the mushroom pizza ($16) with 3 different mushrooms and truffle oil.  Mitch ordered the Off The Bone ($18) with 3 kinds of meat and house smoked cheddar.  The pizza crusts were soft and irresistible.  Once the toppings were gone, I drizzled the crust in Morris East's chili oil and enjoyed every last crumb.  We swapped several slices before packing up a couple to go.  

Off The Bone

braised pork, Oulton's Farm sausage, sopressata, 
house smoked cheddar, Propeller Bitter Tomato Sauce


portobello, button & oyster mushroom, garlic, 

Parmesean, microgreens & truffle oil

I would have been happy finishing the meal with coffee, but Mitch likes to go all out on special occasions, so we ordered two specialty coffees with a macadamia nut liqueur and asked them to surprise us for dessert.  They chose the rich chocolate torte, and it certainly was rich.  The plate was drizzled in freshly sqeezed OJ and dusted with cocoa, then topped with a slice of chocolate-dipped cake.  That was the best part - the hard chocolate shell on the outside that cracked beneath my fork.

Rich Chocolate Torte

citrus caramel, canilla bean chantilly

And then I made a wish - but that's a secret!

We had a great night out at Morris East and the food was fantastic.  And while we did feel that the pizzas were a little steeply priced, the meal was a good value overall.  We also brought our own wine - a pinot noir to go with my mushroom pizza - and the corkage fee was just $15. 


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Satisfying standard fare at Trapeze

I love a good burger, like love.  The unfortunate thing is that: though you often expect this standard fare to be good, sometimes it's unpalatable; you have a dry patty or a bun that tastes like sawdust.  And then, there's the burger at Trapeze restaurant at the Casino, which is none of these things.  

I went with a large group a couple months back, eight of us in fact, and the food and the service was great.  We started the night with a bunch of appetizers: bruschetta, nachos and calamari that were all pretty good, though I only had a bite of each because I was saving room for the burger.  The apps were gone in an instant.

For my meal, I ordered the Mozzarella and mushroom burger with a side spinach salad.  I love the spinach salad at Trapeze, and I've had a large one several times since.  With a generous helping of spinach, it's dressed with marinated butternut squash, carrot ribbons, red pepper strips and a tangy goat cheese - I usually get the cilantro ginger vinaigrette on the side.


Anyway, on to the burger.  As I said above, it was delicious; the juicy patty was topped with a generous portion of melty cheese and succulent fried mushrooms.  Add to that, the usual fare of lettuce, tomato, onion and a pickle spear, the burger was filling and satisfying.  

                              Satisfying standard fare at Trapeze

This was a tasty meal indeed.  We finished the night off by sharing some awesome desserts: chocolate cake and a yummy blueberry-based one too. I only had a couple bites of those as well; I was full, but I had to try them...for research purposes, of course! ;)


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Cafe Chianti crafts pretty good food

A few months ago, my bf's mother was visiting and we decided to go to dinner at Cafe Chianti.  It was a toss up between there are Elements on Hollis, but seeing as how we had never eaten at CC, this was an excellent opportunity to try it.

I had been in the space during Bear Resto's ill-fated run, and the layout is pretty much the same, save for some soft fixtures being updated.  As opposed to the larger booths, the seating is now white linen tables, and several of them were full.

Big mussel fans, we each decided to order the mussel special; a pound of mussels and pint of beer for $10.99.  Myself and momma chose the tomato sauce with wine and herbs, while Mitch ordered the white wine and basil cream sauce.  Both were delicious, although I think the cream version would have been too rich for me to eat the whole bowl.  The shellfish were supple and most (of mine) were open!

Mussels in Tomato Sauce

Lobster Bisque Acadienne 

After our mussel appetiser, M's momma ordered the Lobster Bisque Acadienne - a velvety soup with fresh lobster and a dollop of cream.  It looked delicious, although a skin had started forming on top which made me wonder how long it had been sitting on the line. 

I ordered the Calamari, lightly breaded and fried with a spicy tomato- chili sauce.  They were excellent, with the tender squid rings enclosed in a light batter and tossed in the spicy sauce. The order was quite large and I filled up quickly.

Calamari Fritti

Even after the bisque and calamari, the intention was to share the Crab Cakes, but I was so full that I barely touched them save for one bite.  These were ok.  They were heavy with the addition of risotto, and had a slightly greasy crust. The addition of the lemon-pepper cream sauce was a bit too over the top in texture which resulted in the dish being cloying.  

Crab Cakes

                        Cafe Chianti crafts pretty good food

For his entree, Mitch ordered the Halibut Special; grilled fish topped with a grilled shrimp skewer, new potatoes, leeks and a mango-ish chutney.  This was a pretty extravagant - looking dish. In terms of a visual, there was a bit too much happening on his plate; the food aside, there was a sprinkling of dried herbs and a sprig of Rosemary sticking out of the fish - I didn't think people actually did that anymore! The food itself was pretty tasty though, and moderately priced for a special.  The halibut and shrimp were both really nice - well cooked and flavourful.  

Halibut Special

Cafe Chianti is certainly moving in the right direction with one of the key points - the cooking times - being spot on as most of the items were cooked perfectly.  The dish elements and plating require a bit of a review however, as the crab cakes were far too heavy with both the risotto and cream sauce, and the halibut plate was a bit amateur in its presentation.

Though I can't say that it was one of my favourite meals in Hali, I can say that it was a really nice evening out.  Spending the few hours catching up,  over dinner in such a relaxing environment was a great way to spend the evening with Mitch's mom.  


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