A Humbling CrossFit Experience

A Humbling CrossFit Experience

I already posted a blog post today but I had to write another one because of what I went through this morning; I was humbled by Fran.

For those who don’t know, Fran is a CrossFit benchmark WOD (Workout Of the Day) that is in place to check your progress throughout your CrossFit training.  There are lots of benchmark WODs and they’re all named after women and they’re all bitches!

Fran consists of thrusters and pull-ups 21-15-9, for time. The weight for men is supposed to be 95lbs and for women, 65lbs, but stupid me did 135lbs.

A Humbling CrossFit Experience

Since being back from the CrossFit Games I’ve been kicking some serious ass in the gym, mainly focusing on my form, teaching myself how to do my lifts better, and in doing so I’ve been getting stronger and setting new PRs (personal records) at every workout.  I’ve been feeling AWESOME! I’m stronger and faster than I’ve ever been and it’s given me a new confidence to grow and better myself as a person over all, not just in the gym.

Today I’m flying to Vancouver to do the Warrior Dash on Saturday, and I didn’t have a lot of time for a workout, so I decided to do Fran because it’s suppose to be a quick benchmark WOD (best recorded time is 2:17, but that’s just foolish!).

I did Fran alright, and simply put, she kicked my ass.

A Humbling CrossFit Experience

I may be making progress in the gym but the 135# is still too heavy for me.  I got through the round of 21 but I was gassed and hurt my shoulder.  I was going to try and push through, but I decided to take the advice that I give my clients and only do within my limits and not push through the pain and cause more injury.  I dropped the weight down to 95# for the other two rounds and finished the workout at 11:07.

As I said, Fran completely humbled me and maybe that’s a good thing. I’ve been upping my weight at every workout and pushing myself extremely hard and even though I am getting stronger, I need to slow down a bit and keep focusing on my form and making sure I recover properly so I can keep making progress.  Yes, I did too much weight on my workout, but I still think it was a good eye opener for me.  I’m going to give Fran another go in a couple of weeks with the PROPER weight so I can get a true time.


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