$1 hauls

Claire’s 10 for $10 started last Wednesday, yee hah… In previous visits, I spotted a few things on the rack and tried to hold off waiting to get them for $1. And so I did.

For makeup:
Found this Body Art crayon set, reg. CAD11.50. It comes with 6 pencils – black, white, red, gold, silver and black glitter. They are supposed to be non-toxic, easy-to-remove paint sticks to use on face and body. Only the red shade is not safe for the eyes. Cool enough?

Also found Eyeshadow palette (top) and Eye Shimmer palette (bottom), reg. CAD9.75 each. The colours are pretty, I don’t know about pigmentation as I haven’t tried them out yet. A few colours do match between the 2 palettes, so I can pair them up for some crazy glittery looks.

Nail polish: Bright Skies on the left and Venomous on the right, and assorted earrings and a ring at the bottom.

It has been a long time since Claire’s has any nail polish in the 10 for $10 corner, which I was sad about. For this time, all 3 shades that were dupes of MAC Venomous Villains were there, and a few other random colours. I already bought Poison Apple and Evil Queen right when they first came out but couldn’t find Venomous. Well, I do now, for a buck 🙂

Bright Skies is a glittery blue shade, might be sheer, I don’t know yet, pretty enough to go home with me 🙂

Items of reg. price over CAD11.50 (which had already been discounted up to 75%) were extra 75% off on last ticketed prices. With discount on top of discount, these items come close to almost nothing really. I was so stoked realizing how much the savings were.

The jewelry holder was CAD18.25, I paid CAD2.19. The multi-stranded chiffon necklace was CAD21, now CAD1.39, and the long gold-like necklace was CAD12, now CAD1.44.

Now you see why I love sales at Claire’s so much? You can find awesome pieces with crazy prices.

And lastly, this animal printed bag with black chiffon bow was CAD27.50, I paid CAD3.99.

I hardly need any more purses or handbags, but this bag is all what I would have wanted of a bag – soft material (bag and handles), cute accessory (the bow tie, with strands wrapping around the bag opening), cute print and good price 🙂

Squirt did leave the store with a few things for herself – some BFF necklaces, headband, etc. She gets excited going to Claire’s as much as I do.

In the same $1 theme, I found a few surprises at a brand new Dollarama in town. It was huge and had a lot more stuff than my regular Dollarama in the mall.

They are from Essence of Beauty, which is a brand I have been wanting to check out. Would love to see their brushes here, but I was nonetheless excited to find a few of their body items for cheap.

From L-R: Cherries in Bloom and Lemon Twist Body lotions (reg. $5.99 each at CVS), and Passion Flower Hand soap (reg. $4.99). They smell great, not overly sweet or overpowering. For $1? Yes, please!

I’d assume the two Body lotion scents were LEs as I can’t find them on CVS website. The Hand soap scent is current though. All in all, I think I got a bargain. Check out your Dollarama!

Source: http://sparkledbeauty.blogspot.com/2011/04/1-hauls.html

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