10 Leftover Ham and Hardboiled Eggs Recipes

10 Leftover Ham and Hardboiled Eggs Recipes

After Easter many a household including those in  my family will have piles of left over ham and about a dozen or so hard boiled eggs so what does one make with them? Here are some suggestions I have gathered:

Ham Recipes:

1. From Busy Cooks (Great for the Slow Cooker)  Wild Rice Chowder

2. From CEO of Me ( great if you got leftover potatoes too Ham and Potato Hash

3. From the Gooseberry Patch blog (for my lover of cheese) Cheesy Ham and Veg Bake

4. From Schneider’s (for my quiche lover) Deep Dish Ham Quiche

5. From Kraft Canada ( a staple meal in my home for years) Ham & Broccoli Casserole


Hard boiled Egg Recipes:


1. From Real Simple(we love a good Cob salad) Cobb Salad with with Garlic Vingerette

2.  From Martha Stewart (more lentils please) Lentil Salad

3. From 24/7 Moms a Classic Egg Salad recipe. 

4. From Betty Crocker (gluten free) Old Fashion Potato Salad

5. From Eating Well ( something new to try) Latin American Empanadas

If you have leftovers after Easter, what do you make with yours? Do you have a family recipe to share?

We love to cook in this house and more often now we are cooking things that are quick light and easy and making sure we use up all the leftovers in the house as well. How do you use up your leftovers on a regular basis?



Source: http://commoncentsmom.com/2013/04/10-leftover-ham-and-hardboiled-eggs-recipes/


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