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Rasilla, a fellow Canadian blogger, from in a nutshell… tagged me. Thank you so much! If you haven’t already, check out her blog for fun stuff in Toronto, makeup, food and all the jazz.

I actually enjoy reading tags at blogs, as I could learn a bit more about bloggers with things they don’t normally talk about. So here go my 11 happy things.

1. Family
Squirt and the bf are here with me, but the rest of my family is far away. My sister was just engaged, and I couldn’t be there. I miss home! My family have been very supportive in whatever I do and always makes me so happy.

2. Makeup
It is hard to describe how much joy makeup brings to my life. It is not just about colours (though colours are important), makeup is a self-esteem boost, a life long motivator, and an exciting self-expresson. My makeup skill is no where near perfect, but I have fun doing it.

3. Summer dresses and shoes
I found a flower dress at Winners and was very happy when I tried it on. Nothing fancy, just a simple summer dress, but it fit me like it was made for me, and I looked happy in it. The summer here is very short, and the dress might not be worn as often as it wants to be, but I believe it will be happy to be with me 🙂 And the feeling is mutual.
Also the red polka dotted shoes I got from Sears brought sunshine to my feet, lol. They weren’t really my regular style, but it’s fun to change things up a little.

4. Quiet ME time
At night, after Squirt goes to bed, I am happy to be by myself for some quiet time. Either working on the laptop, watching tv or cleaning up around the house, the time is for me to use as I wish.

5. Relaxation music
I don’t listen to noisy music anymore (except when we are in the car with the radio on). I always need some nice soft music on when I go to bed, knowing I wouldn’t be awake to get to the third song. Background music takes my mind off things (most of the time), calms me down and cheers me up at the same time.

6. The sun
Warm weather excites me, as I love to be outside with fresh air. My body always feels cold, so seeing the sun is like seeing hope 🙂 As long as I have some SPF, I love to be out and about when the sun is out. Or sometimes, just sit in the balcony seeing things covered by the warm golden sunlight is enough to make me happy.

7. Shopping
No explanation needed here, but if you do need to know, watch “Confession of a Shopaholic”.

8. Yoga
I do love aerobic activities, but somehow the slow motion, deep relaxing nature of yoga really gets me. I normally come out of a yoga class feeling refreshed, even after a long day at work. It always surprises me how a calm workout could do so much for my mind and body. And the music helps too (see #5 above).

9. The colour yellow
It might be yellow is a warm colour (see, I want warmth again), but its brightness cheers me up instantly. In fact, part of my name has a “hidden meaning” of yellow in it. So, what not to love?

10. Icanhascheezburger
I love to open up their email every morning for a few laughs. The animal cuteness and especially the captions are pure joy. The pictures could basically alter your bad mood and make it all better.

11. Good friends
Most of my friends from school have moved away or gone back to their countries after we graduated. And it is so hard to make new friends. Through this blog, I am so happy to know many of you, even when we haven’t met. One day, maybe, one day.

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