12 Dates of Christmas: Relive Our First Date

This is the first of our 12 Dates of Christmas series so we thought reliving our first date would be fitting. We jumped in the car and went to Perks in Halifax where we reminisced about old times and dreamed about things to come. We also had a run in with a crazy lady, but you’ll have to read on to find out about that!



Our first date was definitely not very glamorous and some might argue it was no date at all. We simply went to Perks, a local coffee shop in Halifax, ordered hot chocolates and talked for a few hours. It was simple and perfect and not too costly to relive!

It’s hard to believe it’s been over six years since our first date, so it’s no wonder I barely recognized the inside of Perks. I no longer live in Halifax and therefore don’t frequent Perks as and had no idea they had undergone such extensive renovations. The only thing we did differently than our first date was that we opted to sit in the new cozy little nook off the main entrance.

While we were trying to think of the details of our first date, I found I remembered really odd, useless details like what we drank and Brad nervously playing with a napkin. Brad, on the other hand, can practically quote our conversation verbatim. This time around the same thing happened. Once again we ordered hot chocolates and once I again I forget what we talked about. I swear I was paying attention.

I really enjoyed going back to the place it all began. Not only did we get to reminisce but we got to make new memories as well.


I’m not sure what most first dates look like, but I’m pretty sure ours was a little unusual. We had been friends for several years so we knew each other quite well. It was more of an unofficial first date since it was quite a while after this that we were officially a couple.

You know how men are typically the ones who forget important details about their relationships? Well, in this case it’s reversed. Susan totally forgot the fact that I bared my soul to her on our first date. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever worked up the nerve to do, and all she remembers is the music we listened to in the car on the way there.

IMG_0453It was a lot of fun to go back to Perks all these years later. Life has changed a lot, and so have we, but it was nice to take a minute to look back and see how far we’ve come.

No relived date would be complete without making new memories. Let me set the stage. We’re sitting off to the side of Perks, drinking our hot chocolates, and enjoying our evening, when all of a sudden this older woman comes around the corner talking about how she should have a reserved sign on her seat. She then proceeds to sit down right next to us and just sits there and stares at us for a good five minutes. She wasn’t sitting in the next seat over either, she was so close we could almost smell her breath as she snorted in disgust. Susan wanted to get up and leave, but I refused to give in. We sat there staring at each other in silence determined to out wait this woman. After what seemed like an eternity, she angrily got up and moved to another seat. It was one of the strangest things a stranger has ever done to me. If she had politely asked us to move I may have considered it, but since she decided to force us out by making us feel awkward, I decided to out last her awkwardness. It worked!

There were no life altering conversations at Perks this time around, but it was great fun. We talked about the memories of when Susan used to live in Halifax and the fun we had just hanging out together. We also talked about the future and how grateful we are for the way life has turned out. Reliving our first date was a great idea. It gave us perspective on how far we’ve come, and reminded us to have fun in life as much as possible, because time goes by very fast. Hopefully your first date experiences were positive enough that you want to relive them. If so, get out there and give it a try!


Welcome, Halifax Hoop Heads!

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