12 people charged with COVID-19 gathering infractions

At 10:30 P.M. police attended a public pathway at the end of 6404 Oakland Road in Halifax which led to a dock on the water. A member of the community was concerned for the number of persons in close proximity to one another and called police.

Shortly after the call was placed, police arrived and verified that a group of 12-15 people were on the small dock in very close proximity to one another in violation of the new Public Health Act restrictions that came into effect on November 26th, 2020 in terms of public gatherings being limited to 5 persons.

Police charged 12 persons onscene with violating section 71 (1) (b) of the Health Protection Act for failing to comply with it’s regulations.This is in respect to gatherings of more than 5 people which carries a fine of $1000.00 upon conviction.

For more information on the Act, helpful resources, contact numbers and general information including the newest restrictions, information can be viewed at:


Source: Release #notw

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