13 Ways to Have a Frugal Canadian Halloweeen

13 Ways to Have a Frugal Canadian Halloweeen There are gremlins that come each and every holiday, that are seeking out the dollars that are in our wallets! So how do we keep those money gremlins at bay at Halloween. How do we have a frugal Canadian Halloween?

I have 13 ways you can keep those gremlins at bay:

1. Plan your spending like your would any other expense. Have you budgeted for Halloween?

2. For costumes check for freebies: take advantage of sites like Freecycle, Craigslist, and Kijiji. Start looking at these sites in November for next Halloween. Keep your eyes open for freebies.

3. Shop your closet! When I was young we always made our costumes from things that existed at home. Some of my best memories are in those costumes.

4. Thrift It: Value Village, Salvation Army, or your local thrift store are great places to concoct great costumes.

5. Decor wise: reuse, recycle, thrift or dollar store it. We reuse our past supplies, and grab the few new musts (cobwebs is a new buy every year as are candles both for us) come from a local dollar store. Gravestones were made from cardboard, and past decorations are used.

6. With a little bit of time you can plan a costume swap in your neighborhood. Each year your child our grows their costume so why not set up and neighbourhood exchange and your kids can get something that fits them?

7. Talking of costumes what is the cheapest one I can think of? After seeing so many Zombies walk by me downtown this weekend I was quickly reminded how quick and easy it is to assemble one. Got something old in your closet, something that is ready for the donation pile, tear it up a little and there you got your zombie.

8. Are you a crafter? Check for coupons for your favorite craft store. I know Michaels had a 40% off coupon on one item this week. Definitely would help if you are the creative sort.

9. Dig the deal sites? I have even notices some of them have had Halloween deals. I love sites like that aggregate the deal sites. Deliver the Deals is just one site that does this.

10. Like to have a Halloween menu ..check out some of these creepy items your can find on Pinterest.

11. Check for coupons and sales when it comes to candy. I love sites like Grocery Alerts where I often check for coupons and sales here.

12. Make pumpkin carving an event. Some of my best memories are of carving together.This is an old fashioned staple that every family loves.

13. Shop the after sale. Don’t forget after Halloween you can get some of the best deals for next Halloween.


Source: http://commoncentsmom.com/2012/10/13-ways-to-have-a-frugal-canadian-halloweeen/

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