14-Year Old Charged With Uttering Threats At Dartmouth School

A 14-year-old youth faces charges stemming from an incident Wednesday afternoon at a Dartmouth Junior High School.

From Halifax Police:


“Just before 1:30, Halifax Regional Police Responded to John Martin Junior High, where it was reported two males had entered the school with bandanas over their faces. The two had left the premises prior to officers arriving, but were taken into custody at a nearby address a few minutes later while responding officers investigated the circumstances of the incident. It was determined the youths had entered the school, one of them looking for another youth in relation to an ongoing dispute.

As a result of the investigation, one of the youths was released without charge, while the second is being held in custody, scheduled to appear in court tomorrow facing a number of charges, among them uttering threats and wearing a mask in the commission of an offence. No weapon was observed during the incident and nobody was assaulted or injured.”

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