18 Simple Ways to Save Money Around the House

18 Simple Ways to Save Money Around the House There are so many simple ways to save around the house. As I looked around my apartment this week I made a list of all the things I could do to save money.So what are some of the ways to save some of those hard earned dollars?

To save money in the kitchen:

1. Use a microwave instead of the stove top to cook when you can. You save money and time.

2. When cooking on the stove top remember to use pot lids. By using your pot lids you are cutting cooking times.

3. Cool foods before putting them in the fridge. Every time you put hot food in the fridge you are costing yourself more money.

4. Use Timer and Temperature to cook in the oven. Every time you are opening the oven door to check you are costing yourself cash.

5. Menu planning is another way to save as you are not in that desperate panic when it is dinner time and you are less likely to stop for that fast food if you know what is on the menu.

6. Use your leftovers. Have an old fashioned left over night.


In your furnace/laundry room to save money:

1. Remember to change the filters on your furnace regularly. This simply makes sense.

2. Have you had a home audit done? By doing one often your utility company can find ways you can save.

3. Insulate your water pipes.This little cost brings great dividends.

4. When doing laundry only wash full loads of clothes. Really folks who puts 1 or two items in the washing machine. This is such a waste.

5. Always wash in cold water and use a laundry soap that is meant for cold water. This means you are reducing your costs, and saving your clothes, a double win.

6. Hang your clothes to dry. I love using my line.


Through out the house to save money:

1. Remember the simple things like turning out the lights when you are not in the room. Do those other lights really need to be on?

2. Use LED light bulbs where you can. Yes they cost more but you save in the long run.

3. Try making your own cleaning products. Need a recipe check out my How to Pinterest board.

4. Use a programmable thermostat, lower the temperature when in bed and out of the house.

5. Remember to unplug items that are not in use, ie toasters, computers etc.

6. Use low flow shower heads.



Source: http://commoncentsmom.com/2013/01/18-simple-ways-to-save-money-around-the-house/

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