1st Dinner in Australia at James Street Bistro

After 32ish straight hours of travelling, I finally arrived in Australia on Friday, June 29th.  I actually left Nova Scotia on the 27th, but after crossing both the equator and the International Date Line, I arrived two days later!  

While my flight landed at 8 am, my pals Maria and Josh still had to go to work, so I was left to my own devices for the day.  I meandered around for the rest of the morning and afternoon, ordered my first coffee (there’s no drip in Oz), explored the shops, read the paper and had a bowl of soup in an outdoor cafe. I was very pleased with myself – I managed to stay up until 6 pm to meet them for dinner.  For my first dinner out in Australia, we went to the James Street Bistro, a spot just a few minutes away.

We started with a bottle of Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir, a well-known wine in these parts, originating from Oz’s sister wine region, New Zealand.  Being ever a fan of calamari – and being starving – I ordered a serving right off the bat for us to share.  It was the best calamari I’ve ever tasted.  The rings were large and ever so plump.  The batter, light and crispy, had a lovely salty bite and the sweet pear and fennel provided a great flavour contrast.  Drizzled beneath the mound of squid was a rich, yet zesty aioli of pepper and lime.

Salt & Vinegar Calamari w/ Shaved Fennel, 

Bosc Pear & Black Pepper-Lime Aioli ($16)

           250g Grilled Rib Eye w/ cracked pepper & feta mashed potato 

in a red whine reduction w/ sauteed broccolini ($35)

M&J both had the steak, and swore by it always being “incredible”.  It was served with some lovely mashed potatoes and a nice portion of steamed brocollini on the side.  I knew that I had to order the soup of the day as soon as our server described it – the soup contained some of my favourite things.  Chorizo, chickpea and sweet potatoes were all blended up in a slightly sweet tomato broth.  On the side, were two slices of crusty sourdough toast – just look at that luscious puddle of butter melting on the top! Mmmm…

Soup of the Day: Chorizo, Chickpea 

Sweet Potato (approx. $9)

As we toddled on home, I was incredibly happy –  to have finally arrived in Oz; to have  belly full of delicious food; and to finally, finally be going to bed!

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/WithBite/~3/ZYDFFbum5vs/1st-dinner-in-australia-at-james-street.html

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