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2013 Family Challenge!

2013 Family Challenge!
Thanks so much for the great feedback on last year's "Family Challenge”! It was so nice to know lots of other HRM families were following along with us and spending time each month to complete our challenges. We know it’s not always easy to get in some family time. Busy schedules filled with school activities, sports and homework combined with work, laundry, bill paying and more can surely add up to one chaotic month with little time for some good old fashioned family fun.
That’s why we’ve made the 2013 challenge even easier! It’s just as fun to do, but will ensure at least 30 minutes of quality family time every month – guaranteed. We’re looking forward to taking on the challenge with you…ready, set, GO!
January – Just Chill 
We’re starting off easy with a challenge to have at least 1 family chill night before the end of the month. Bingo, Monopoly, Candyland are great options for a board game night or pull out the lego and get the family building together. Charades are always a hit, especially when you can alter the clues for the age of your kids. Turn off your screens, shut down your phones and just enjoy a relaxing night together! You’ll be surprised as to how much fun it will be.
February – Family Rules
This blog from our archives is a good re-read for this month’s challenge. Even though it was written nearly a year ago, the wall hanging has become a part of our daily lives. Your challenge this month is to take some time to create your own set of family guidelines. Talk about what it means to be a member of your family, what is important to each member and what they think some rules should be.  Who knows what your kids will say?
2013 Family Challenge!
March – Movie Night
Popcorn, pajamas, cozy blankets and a good family movie are all you need for the challenge this month. Stay in from the chill and enjoy at least 1 movie night this month!
April – Art Mania
Ok, you have to admit, there’s something so relaxing about pulling out a pack of crayons and colouring with you kids. Maybe it’s nostalgia but either way, this month you’ll get a taste of it again. Spend an afternoon at the Art Gallery of NS or stay in and make your own gallery. Pick a theme and have everyone create a piece of art then display them around the house for the week. So many ideas and so much fun to be had this month!
May – Market Tour
Buy local, eat local, drink local – and do it all at one of our great local markets! Halifax, Dartmouth, Hubbards (open May-Oct) – whichever you choose, your challenge this month is for the whole family to check out at least one market and buy as much of your grocery list for the week while you are there! 
2013 Family Challenge!
June – Joke Around
Knock, knock? Who’s there? It’s your family challenge this month and the kids are going to love it. Take some time this month to teach your kids some jokes. Google them, check out a few joke books from the library or pick one up at your local book store. Aim for everyone to know at least 2 jokes before the month is over. What a laugh!
July – Jump In
You’ll love us for this one. Simple and something you won’t hear any complaints about. Pick a hot, sunny day and head to one of our great local beaches for the afternoon. Not sure where to go? Check out this blog from our archives about some of the beaches in HRM.   
August – Anchors Away
We have one of the best waterfronts around and this month you need to check it out! Pick a nice sunny day and take some time to walk the boardwalk to see the sights and sounds of the city. Enjoy a lunch or snacks, check out the boats docked along the way and add even more fun by taking a ride on the ferry. So much fun right here in town!
2013 Family Challenge!
September – Safety First
It’s back to school and back to schedules. The challenge this month is to book some time off to run through some home safety tips and drills with the entire family. Get the kids involved by practicing a fire drill, drawing maps for the exits in your house and more. Here’s a past blog with some tips to help you out. 
October – Orchard Time
It’s road trip time. Hop in the car and head to the Valley for an afternoon in the Orchard. Pick apples, pears, pumpkins and more. There’s always so much to do in the valley (especially during Fall) that you might just want to make a weekend out of it and stay the night!
November – Night In
It’s getting colder outside and the holidays are fast approach. Before the rush of it all, have a family night in. Light a fire or some candles, pull out a board game, a story book or the family scrapbooks and photo albums and enjoy a quiet evening in with the whole family.
2013 Family Challenge!
December – Decorate
It doesn’t get any easier than this! Cookies, icing, sprinkles…there’s nothing better to end the year than a family cookie decorating day!

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