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2014 in 12 Photos

2014 found me in two countries. I went ran a half marathon in the first month of the year and neared full-term pregnancy in the last month. I ran 4 races plus completed a “race” with my kids.

I cut my hair. I became reacquainted with my role as a Swimming Mom while also becoming a Soccer Mom, a Swimming Mom, and a Hockey Mom. I hosted my second Thanksgiving (where I was in charge of the turkey, again). We got our second real tree for Christmas. We had our one year anniversary in our house. I read 12 books and published 109 blog posts. My kids turned 4 and 2 and changed daycares midway through the year.

That says a lot. But it doesn’t show much of anything. Here’s how the year looked from the perspective of one photo chosen from every month of 2014.

2014 in 12 Photos | January | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | February | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | March | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | April | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | May | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | June | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | July | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | August | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | September | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | October | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | November | Mommy Miracles

2014 in 12 Photos | December | Mommy Miracles

I’m so glad I started this tradition three years ago. Watch my family grow through the years by checking out my last year in 12 photos reviews.

2012 in 12 Photos | Mommy Miracles           2013 in 12 Photos | Mommy Miracles

I’d  love to see your 2014 in 12 photos. Grab the button, link up below, and use the hashtag #2014in12 to share!

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